Friday, August 6, 2010

Dirty Secrets of the States

Interestingly enough, similar fraud schemes or, to properly assign blame, lack of administrative controls, goes on in foster care.

Dealing with Social Supplemental Income (SSI), a different funding stream than Social Security, there is a multi-billion dollar reaping of the payments going on within the States' child welfare programs.

So, as long as there is the iron curtain in child welfare, maintained by the child abuse propaganda machines, there will never be any GAO reports as these are secrets of the States. The States, speaking upon its privatized contractual arms, reap what they sow.

The more the propaganda, the more the fraud.

For your viewing pleasure, once again, I present Part One of "Anatomy of Child Welfare Fraud: Targeted Case Management."

Federal Workers Pocketed 'Fraudulent' Social Security Payments, GAO Finds

 Hundreds of federal employees may have improperly reaped millions in Social Security disability benefits, according to a government watchdog that caught workers at several major agencies pocketing fraudulent payments. 

The Government Accountability Office issued a report that showed at least 1,500 federal employees may have wrongly received benefits. The group's investigation, which focused on two Social Security programs for people who have limited incomes due to disabilities, found several specific cases in which beneficiaries were earning well above the income cap while still receiving benefits. In one case, a Transportation Security Administration screener was overpaid $108,000, according to the report...more
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