Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pzifer Drugging Children

Drugging Children a new site dedicated to creating an international repository on any and all information about children and medication.

In the United States, there is no other source for a one-stop in the media and social networks of what is happening to children with the drugs, specifically speaking of psychotropic medication.

Protected through the multiple mechanisms of Freedom of Information Act exclusions and exemptions, anything dealing with children are protected from being made public, but not any more.

There is a powerful force that is calling to the end of chemical constraints and using babies and foster children as clinical guinea pigs for pharmaceutical companies to test for a market of adults who believe the cure to all evils is in a little pill.

Welcome to the world of Drugging Children. It is not pretty; it's real.

U.S. warns Pfizer after children overdosed in study

U.S. health regulators have warned Pfizer Inc over a series of failures that led to the overdosing of at least 13 children in a clinical trial of its antipsychotic drug Geodon, according to a letter made public on Tuesday.
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