Thursday, April 29, 2010

Michigan Cashes in on Kids

Children who end up in foster care are not always there because their lives were in danger. The majority of the time children are made wards of the state because the parent is poor. When I say poor, I am saying that they qualify simply due to the fact that there is no place else to turn.

Michigan puts children in foster care with propaganda to maximize revenue.

This is the old adage of the "get-a-job-you-lazy-bum" or "these-women-have-babies-just-to-collect-welfare" syndrome, where a person, with the best intentions, will take your children, with no intentions of ever giving the child back because there is too much money involved.

Kate Hanley is a fucking liar, who has lied through her teeth in public hearings, and the feds need to come down and indict her for Medicaid Fraud, False Claims, Wire Fraud, Mail Fraud, for covering up Michigan's failure to be compliant with federal mandates when receiving federal grants. Kate Hanley covers up for the Artificial Dictator of Fraud. Kate Hanley knows the state is not, and never will be in compliance with Title IV-E. This is why the state promotes informing the parents that children will stay in foster care for 12 months, as 12 months is the magical hour to file the termination of parental rights papers for adoption. This is why Michigan is pumping adoption because once a child is adopted, the files documenting the fraud are proverbially shredded. No evidence, no fraud, but full compliance with the settlement agreement with Children's Rights, though.

These are the same people who lobby our elected officials for more money to take more children from the people.

These are the same people who lobby to cut more social resources for the historically economic impoverished geographies.

These are the same people who knowingly and willingly allow a child to be tortured, only because it would be incriminating to let the child go back home.

These are the same people who will get away with the murder of this child.

These are the same people who will not loose their state contract.

These are the same people who will lobby for more money to continue doing what they do best...

There was no reason to place this child in foster care. All that needed to be done was to give. Housing, medical and financial assistance would have been more cost effectve than taking the child out of the family.

There was no reason to keep this child in care for 12 months. The plan was to never give the mother her child back. That is why nothing was done.

These people got paid with tax payer dollars to watch this child die and the Attorney General will do absolutely nothing, whatsoever, to recoup the money.

No fines, no contractual debarrment, no license revocation, no accountability, no transparency.

Thank you WXYZ-Detroit, again,  for being a leader and exposing the industry for what it really does.

Happy Child Abuse Propaganda Month!
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