Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Child Abuse Pinwheels Promote Fraud

My associates over at Legally Kidnapped have developed a hypothesis that proposes National Child Abuse Propaganda Month is based on the foundation of biased research and suspect data:
    ...[T]hat [Pinwheels used to promote Child Abuse Month] includes cases that were not substantiated, I suppose. See these assholes are simply trying to fluff the numbers. Thus substantiating my claim that it is in fact Child Abuse Propaganda Month.

    Let us disprove his hypothesis that this is Child Abuse Propaganda Month.

    1. Pinwheels represent all calls made to child protective services;
    2. Fraudfeasors present false data to the public to futher revenue maximizing schemes; and,
    3. Data are suspect and research are biased.

    A review of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General Audits, U.S. Department of Justice statements, POTUS Executive Orders, Policy Positions and Action Transmittals including various state and local governmental findings and federal court cases will be used to analyze the data.


    After analyzing all documents, it was concluded that, whether knowingly and/or willingly, the actions and inactions of federal fraudfeasors promote the filing of false claims in order to garner public support of the egregious actions and inactions of the publishing and promotion of propaganda for the month of April, in the form of false and biased research by instructing the public under the guise that each pinwheel represents a child who has been abused when, in fact, each pinwheel represents a call to a child abuse hotline, whether it has been substantiated or not in order to secure sustainability of the organizations, therby failing to disprove the hypothesis that this is not Child Abuse Propaganda Month.

    Poverty is not child abuse.

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