Monday, November 9, 2009

Then There Were Three

Just as I have honored the pending door closing of Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Clifford Taylor's former political career, so shall I do the same for Michigan Supreme Court Justices Maura Corrigan and Robert Young.

In memory of the loss of the first member of the infamous "Gang of Four" from the elected bench, I would like to share this political epitaph I wrote.

The Chief Justice’s Prayer

In the honor of Maternal, Paternal, and Infantile Rights of Michigan,

Our Chief Justice, who art in Lansing,
Hallowed be thy name, Clifford Taylor.

Thy thiefdom come; thy will be done,
In Michigan, as it is not in the Constitution.

Give us our rights, of due process in the courts,
And condignly commiserate our unenumerated rights;
As we condignly commiserate thine breeches of fiduciary duties;
And lead us not into judicial totalitarianism,
But deliver us onto democracy.

For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory,
Now and for thine lifetime appointment.


Written by Beverly Tran, in the year of our Honorable Supreme Court Chief Justice, two thousand and eight

This post is the official kick off of my campaign to not re-elect Maura Corrigan.

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