Friday, August 13, 2010

Jesus Was An Achor Baby

There has been much fervor surrounding the issue of immigration reform but it seems to be the Republicans who have presented a solution.

They want to amend the 14th Amendment so that there will be no more such thing as "anchor babies". An anchor baby is a child who is born on U.S. soil to parents who are not citizens.

Naturally, the discussion is only focused on those who are recognized as illegal immigrants, but there are many others who are non-recognized stakeholders: the children.

When a parent, illegal immigrant, is deported, what happens to the anchor babies? Well, they are placed in foster care. There is no neglect or abuse but the cases will be classified as such, once again, skewing statistics, making a revenue-maximizing machine seem even needier for funding.

Then, there are actually situations where parents are legal immigrants, yet deported and children placed in foster care for no reason of their own. This is reported as abuse and neglect, falsely fashioning the national statistics.

All these current child welfare policies in dealing with illegal and legal immigrants are reeking havoc upon state and local governments in managing their child welfare operations. It creates unnecessary financial strains upon already stressed budgets, so here is my solution:

If the child abuse propaganda machines can pump out their pathologies to preserve their own imperialistic morality parade, then , by all means, I think we should do the same.

Si usted es un inmigrante ilegal, CPS le lleve a sus hijos.

 إذا كنت مهاجرا غير شرعي ، النيابة العامة سوف تتخذ أطفالك.

Если вы нелегальный иммигрант, CPS будет взять своих детей.

(And Chinese)

If you are an illegal immigrant, CPS will take your children.

First, we start a series of Public Service Announcements in all languages to show the people of the world what will happen if they come to the United States, illegally and economically challenged.

We start an international CPS campaign letting people know that the United States will snatch your anchor babies, throw them in a strange home, dope them up, prepare them for a life of homelessness, incarceration and poverty, and take your future grandchildren, who they will never get to see, and put them through the same cycle, all over again.

I wonder what Mary and Joseph would have done...


Lisa Krempasky said...

There is no logical reason why other nations should feel they can require us to give their children citizenship. There is no logical reason why citizenship should not follow the citizenship of your parents.


Then I suggest you share this post with every child protective service agency you know.

Print it out and go door to door telling the world what the United States will do to their children.