Sunday, February 23, 2020

How Come No One Will Help Hana Seraphina Stop Termination Of Parental Rights To Her Son?

This is Hana Seraphina.

It seems on March 9, 2020, her Parental Rights are to be terminated and her son shall enter the industry of trafficking tiny humans from foster care to adoption, to a permanent ward of some foreign corporation.

She wants to know why "The Elected Ones" refuse to do anything about the residuals of the peculiar institution.

It is because these are Executive Branch administrative law activities taking place in the Judicial Branch, where the Legislative Branch cannot intervene in the course of a case.

Oh, and the fact that this is how they fund their campaigns, to promulgate the multi-trillion dollar, global industry of trafficking tiny humans.
22 months ago cps illegally seized my son. 
He vanished. No phone call. No visit.
They alienated him from his family. 
They denied him his medical service animal. 
They have now filed to take me to court to terminate my rights when ive done nothing. 
Please come out and support. Please help.
March 9 , Centre County courthouse bellefonte PA. 8am. Bring signs, tell your story, help us help each other. Stand up for our rights. 
Get the word out. 
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Theyve poisioned him with medication he doesnt need. 
Email me at

We may only wait to see if we are going to be dealing with another April Birman event.

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