Sunday, April 30, 2017

Day 189 - Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens

1 a day in the life of a Pakistani mango from O'Hare to aphis in Iowa

Right turn at Iowa border to head to Minneapolis st. Paul for an incredible story 

Maltego link analysis

FBI CTD Building Out Sanctuary City For Ratlining in Minneapolis?

Only Bad Kids Down in Riverside Are Made That Way For Ratlines

35 Year Transplant Nurse Say Your Bones Are Worth A Lot Too

 How Hillary Used Blackberries and Laptops in Concert

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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Day 188 Hillary Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens

Of Doctors and Meat Packers - Doctors Are Going to Work the Ratlines 

 Tale of Two Ratlines, Both the Awans Support Both? 

 Remember J Edgar Hoover's FBI? Ted Gunderson FBI? 

JEH's and Ted Gunderson's Cointelpro - Hillary and McCabe's Cointelpro 2

ISNA Jailhouse Converts? Curious Case of Marlonn Hicks.

Big Summary - Make the Covert Overt, Make the Dishonest Honest

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Friday, April 28, 2017

Day 187 - Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens

Does Pakistani Extremist Group Jamaat al-Fuqra Have 23 Training Centers in US?

Why I Published Awans SSNs and DOBs

HELLO Islamic Society of North America

Nobody Home at Islam National HQ Friday 11:30AM

Quantico at ISN

No Autopsies, No Forensic Evidence Released, No Tire Racks, No Footprints of Half Mile Chase, No Description of Weapon, No Description of Murder Wounds or Method, Press Conference Two And Half Months After Murders in Faraway Kokomo Instead of Nearby Lafayette, No Proposed Modus Operandi, No Public Scene Reconstruction

So Close to Lafayette, Yet Memorial Two Months Away in Kokomo

No Rape Kits? No Satellite Image of Parking Lot? Fenced Off Murder Scene, Publish Cell Phone Pings-? Finders Signatures?

Libby Lost Her Fingers in the Gartoting and Struggle, Abby Died the Next Day After a Night of Rape

Double Gartoting is Taught 40 Miles Down the 40 Road, Dismiss It?

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Day 186 - Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens

Blackberry Messages Going to India, Is Sammy Really Rammy?

Charles Ortel, Jerome Corsi, Gary Webb, and Rolling Stone

Triple Murder in Fort Wayne, Yet Another Kill Team Murder

Ramesh C Jain, When You're a JATT You Are Top of the Heap

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Clinton Foundation Launches Another Medicaid Fraud In Child Welfare Initiative

About a week ago, it was reported that 70% of children trafficked came from foster care.

safe families foster care failing entitlement reform

Keep in mind that these data are only collected from the trafficked child victims that were "rescued".  

There are still hundreds of thousands more out there, but have no fear!

The Amber Alert system does not activate for children in foster care who have been abducted or who have run away.

That is correct, even the Michigan State Police has realigned its policies to enact an Amber Alert to reflect this policy.

The approval and activation requirements for an AMBER Alert include:
This is due to the fact that any information about a child in foster care is private, for the best interests of the child, of course, which leaves one to question why the Vice President of Marketing for AlertSense, with a history of child trafficking, would even be affiliated with anything to do with missing and exploited children.

There is a collective of organizations which have been on the ground floor of human trafficking of children since the inception of the child welfare system.  

These bold and brave leaders were the emblazoned powerhouses to crafting of the legislation, policies and setting up the funding networks to promote public awareness of for the need of foster care and adoption.

Or you can say "It takes a village, then pillages its resources."

Clinton Foundation beginning to study child welfare in San Diego

Next month a major initiative to help vulnerable children and their families will begin in San Diego under a partnership between three prominent organizations.

With the help of alot of corporate sponsors to maximize revenues for future privatized projects.  It is always most cost efficient to use federal funding for personal, corporate inurement.

The collaboration between the Clinton Foundation’s Health Matters Initiative, San Diego County, and San Diego Foundation, will focus on the foster care and juvenile justice programs, particularly what sort of factors lead to the disparities that cause some populations disproportionately entangled in these systems.

The proper and legal term for the disparities that case some populations disproportionately entangled in the foster care and juvenile justice programs is "targeted populations".

The three-year effort is expected to help diagnose what the county does well to assist its most vulnerable children, where it needs improvement, and then recommend changes.

“We are really looking at diving deeply at what are some of the causes, elevating this issue, and elevating this topic,” said Gillian Sealy, the CEO of the Clinton Health Matters Initiative, a part of the Clinton Foundation.

Designing human databases, with no public oversight, is just one way of tracking humans, because, we all grow up to be adults, well, at least most of us.

While the campaign is still in early planning stages, some of the details about the collaboration, and the potential benefits to the parties and the people they serve, are starting to emerge.

It is called compassionate corporatism.

“We’re looking and want to determine that the systems do everything they can so that those children who are living in the system are living the best quality of life possible, and we’re strengthening the families of youth engaged in the system,” said Kathlyn Mead, the president and CEO of the San Diego Foundation.

Next month the Clinton Health Matters Initiative will convene in San Diego with county officials, the San Diego Foundation to begin the process of analyzing the foster and juvenile justice systems, and will meet with public health organizations, community groups, and faith-based organizations, to discuss factors that impact the success of the foster care and juvenile justice systems.

The Clinton Foundation and their associates do not have the best track record when it comes to dealing with children in poverty.  The last time I checked, the Clinton Global Initiative was shuttering, so why would the federal government continue to work with an organization that is under scrutiny of federal law enforcement?

These groups will be charged, based on the data they provide, with developing a plan to improve these services, Sealy said.

The data will be suspect, as it always is.

The effort could help address some of the disparities that different communities face, Supervisor Greg Cox said. For one, it could identify reasons why a disproportionately high number of African Americans are in the foster care and juvenile probation systems, he said.

“I would hope that one of the deliverables we would find is a decrease in out-of-home placement of African Americans,” he said. “That’s pretty easy to measure. We’d see a decrease in percentage of African Americans in our juvenile court system, our juvenile diversion system, and improve the quality of life, and keep families together,” he said.

No matter how many times they put lipstick on it, sew in some Yaki hair weave, dress it up in the coture of the season, the same, exact reports will be generated, rates of poverty will increase as well as the rates of human trafficking in foster care and adoption, jobs will be created, people will generate profits from their investments, and the Medicaid will continue to be fraudulently billed, all by "researching" this targeted population, again, and again, and again.

Last weekend Cox and Mead went to Arkansas to meet with the Clinton Foundation, including former President Bill Clinton and Sealy.

The process could result in San Diego implementing successful programs from other jurisdictions, the development of a report about what works well here that might work elsewhere. The overall goal is a reduction in disparities and an improvement of existing programs in San Diego.

Each and every time there is a pilot program of this type, nothing gets done, except for more fraudulent billing of Medicaid.

The work isn’t expected to cost taxpayers any additional money beyond what is already allocated for public health programs.

The work will not cost a penny to taxpayers, but the fraudulent billing will.

“The good news is that it doesn’t really cost us financially. Certainly staff time will be focused on it,” Cox said. County employees, he noted, already work to address disparities amongst residents. The San Diego Foundation is providing $900,000 to cover expenses with funding through private donors, Mead said.

Private donors secure the funding through multiple Medicaid fraud schemes in child welfare, then, through social impact investments, reinvest to maximize profits of its new institutions, tax free, of course.

As the May meeting approaches, the county and San Diego Foundation are scheduling meetings with child welfare groups, community leaders, and faith-based organizations to hear about their experiences serving children, Mead said.

The best part of this new Clinton Foundation Initiative is that it will not, absolutely not, never, ever, ever speak upon human trafficking, funded through fraudulent Medicaid billing, in foster care, adoption and juvenile justice.

Why does the federal government continue to work with the Clinton Foundation Medicaid in child welfare fraudfeasors?


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Day 185 Hillary Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens

Alles in at Secret Service, What Will Happen To Prowler Teams? 

Sammy ToQueer's 17 Tickets Will Describe A Ratline I am not writing Toqueer Ahmed's name for any reason, but I do bank in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Banking Anyone? Tricare Connection 5111 Leesburg Pike, Springfield VA

Sammy ToQueer's Three Addresses On Lakeshore Drive in Euclid. I Thought He Lived With Imran in Springfield, VA?

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Former Mayor of South El Monte Sentenced to over a Year in Prison Plus Home Detention for Taking Cash Bribes from Contractor

 Consider this a "small cell" operation in the epidemiology of thwarting public corruption.    

This is such a simple, yet powerful statement:  

“Mr. Aguinaga was an elected public official who abused the trust of his constituents by engaging in a pay-for-play scheme,” said Acting United States Attorney Sandra R. Brown.  

Coming soon, to a town, state and nation where you are a constituent.

  LOS ANGELES – The former Mayor of South El Monte was sentenced today to one year and one day in federal prison for taking bribes from a contractor doing business with the city – in one instance accepting a bribe during an FBI undercover operation.

          Luis Aguinaga, 49, of South El Monte, was sentenced late this afternoon by United States District Judge Fernando M. Olguin. In addition to the prison term, the court ordered Aguinaga to serve one year of home detention, to perform 3,000 hours of community service and to pay a $10,000 fine.

          Aguinaga pleaded guilty in September to one count of bribery, admitting that he took bribes from a person who performed engineering and construction work for the City of South El Monte and that the payments were rewards in connection with the approval of city contracts for the contractor. Aguinaga accepted the bribes from 2005 until September 2012.

          The contractor – identified in court documents as a confidential witness, or CW – made payments to Aguinaga approximately every two to three weeks, shortly after the contractor was paid by the City of South El Monte. If the contractor failed to pay Aguinaga within a few days of being paid by the city, Aguinaga would call and ask for his payment.

          The bribe amounts were initially $500, and later they increased to $1,000. According to court documents, the contractor made the bribe payments by placing cash in envelopes that were left in a bathroom at the South El Monte City Hall or were left inside the passenger side pocket of a car.

          Aguinaga accepted a $1,000 bribe during a September 12, 2012 meeting that was being monitored by the FBI, and he took the money even though he “was nervous about meeting with CW because Cudahy city officials, including the Mayor, had recently been arrested and charged with accepting bribes.”

          Aguinaga admitted receiving at least $45,000 from the city contractor during the final two years of the bribery scheme.

          “Mr. Aguinaga was an elected public official who abused the trust of his constituents by engaging in a pay-for-play scheme,” said Acting United States Attorney Sandra R. Brown. “He accepted tens of thousands of dollars in bribes over several years. This deliberate conduct adversely affected the administration of South El Monte and degraded the public’s view of local government.”

          “Mr. Aguinaga abandoned the community he was elected to serve by basing his decisions on greed and ill-gotten financial gain rather than good government,” said Deirdre Fike, the Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI’s Los Angeles Field Office. “This extensive corruption scheme has thankfully come to an end, and Mr. Aguinaga will pay the price for compromising South El Monte and its residents."

          This case was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

          This case was prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Ruth C. Pinkel of the Public Corruption and Civil Rights Section.

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Day 184 - Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens

Who Does Imran Awan Think He is? No, I Mean Really Think He Is?

 Open Autopsy Journalism Vs Wet Cardboard Journalism

Fruit of the Poisonous Tree, Brennan, Clapper, NGA, Geo-Location For Surveillance and Harassment.

Schematic of NYC to DC Ratline With Awans.


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Monday, April 24, 2017

Day 183 - Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens

Summary of Research, Dubai Laundering Through US Hospitals, Christmas Tree of Spinoffs 
 Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation Provides MD Anderson With $150 Million Grant

POL - Obama University of Chicago, Homan Square

Andrew McCabe Lectures Today at #CSOSummit2017 on the Law and the Facts My Footnotes Of My Slides Here

I Can't Cover All the Awan Payouts, But Interesting That McCabe Can Order Up Deep Dives and Disruption With No Paperwork

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Day 182 - Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens

McCabe Looking the Other Way While Ibrahim Launders Cash Through Cleveland Clinic 

 Return to the Murder Scene 

 Tom Glocer Shovels Money To Dubai Like It Is Going To Go Bad, The Dubai Pakistani Connection 

Is This Just Detail Work Now To Nuremberg Trials?

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HBCU, SEC, DOE, DOJ And The Child Welfare Fraud Network

Rock on, my good man, rock on.

I have no idea as to why the DOJ will not pick up this particular qui tam.

Oh wait!  Yes, I do know why the DOJ will not pick up this particular qui tam.

See, it goes like this.

This Historically Black College University grant came from the U.S. Department of Education, where, in turn, Wiley College contracted with Rice Capital Access Program, where, in turn, it cranked out some jacked up municipal bonds with the City of Detroit where it had to file for bankruptcy.

The SEC approved the structured municipal bonds for Detroit.

This would mean that the DOJ would have to investigate the SEC, which is something we know they would never do...

So, in essence, higher education gets funding from the U.S. Department of Education to play the privatized investment game, and this is why there is a powerful movement which does not want "free education".

It would take away their play money because I can already see there were lots of individuals got kickbacks or any other form of defalcation one wishes to call it.

This case is deeper than basic mismanagement.

This is just another, highly sophisticated fraud scheme and I have no doubt that there are other officers than just Cristal Baron, Chief Financial Officer for Rice Financial Products who have funded political campaigns through federal programs intended to provide a future for children and laundered lots more money through the Clinton Foundation.

This is just another reason why Detroit went bankrupt.

Ex-Wiley College employee sues, claims financial mismanagement

MARSHALL — A fired Wiley College employee has filed a federal lawsuit against his former employer, claiming he was let go after offering proof to school administration of financial mismanagement by college President Haywood Strickland.
Wiley College President Haywood Strickland accepts a gift from Gloria Bongi Ngema-Zuma of the Republic of South Africa after she spoke last year at the college. Strickland is named in a federal lawsuit targeting how his college used a federal loan.
The lawsuit, originally filed in March 2016 at the Marshall federal courthouse, states Roderick Strong is suing on behalf of himself as the United States.

The lawsuit states Strickland and Wiley College violated the False Claims Act in regards to a $24.4 million federal Department of Education loan given to Wiley in 2011 as a member of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

 The False Claims Act permits citizens to file a lawsuit on behalf of the U.S. government without the United States' involvement in the litigation.

 Strong states in the lawsuit that he was Wiley College principal financial analyst from 2011 to 2015 and was in charge of securing the college's federal HBCU loan.

 This past week, Strong filed an amendment to the lawsuit, adding Rice Financial Products Co. through its subsidiary, Rice Capital Access Program, and Wesley Peachtree Group as defendants.

 Both financial organizations were originally assigned as overseers and issuers of the federal loan to Wiley College but did not properly vet the college or check for the college's compliance to loan requirements, the lawsuit states.

 Neither financial company returned calls for comment regarding the lawsuit. Strong's attorney, Renee Higginbotham-Brooks, refused to answer why the case was filed a year ago but none of the defendants served. She also refused to comment on why the case has been sitting for a year and why the amendment adding the two financial groups as defendants was recently filed.

 In addition, Higginbotham-Brooks refused to comment on why Strong waited a year after his dismissal from the college to file the lawsuit.

The attorney also said Strong would not comment about his case.

 Strong states in the lawsuit that not only did Strickland mismanage loan monies and use the college's funds as his "personal cash cow," but that he also forced Strong to falsify documents in order for the college to receive approval for the loan and to continue receiving loan funds.

 Strong is suing for three times the amount of the $24.4 million federal loan plus a civil penalty against each defendant for each violation of the act.

Strong is also suing for his attorney's fees, expenses and costs and is requesting to be reinstated at the college with the same seniority status that he would have had before the "unlawful discharge."

 Strong is requesting a jury trial.

 Wiley College officials said they were not aware of the lawsuit and have not been served.

 "Wiley College has not been served with a lawsuit by or on behalf of Mr. Roderick Strong and has not had an opportunity to review his allegations," university spokeswoman Tammy Taylor said in a statement.

"As Wiley College has not had an opportunity to review those allegations, the college is unable to make a detailed statement at this time.

The college does, however, plan to defend itself from baseless claims and allegations and will be referring this matter to counsel."

 Allegations In the lawsuit, Strong states that, "Prior to and continuing after Wiley College's application for the HBCU loan,

Strickland has operated Wiley College as a personal cash cow through a variety of means including:

  • setting up and operating an enormous number of accounts, which convolutes the accounting process; 
  • being the sole authority to approve expenditures, make payments, and sign all of the college's checks; terminating the auditors who called attention to accounting irregularities; 
  • giving inflated valuations of donations for tax purposes, many of which had to be subsequently written off presumably in return for payment; insisting that the Wiley College Business Office not report any additional income outside his salary; 
  • reporting no taxes due to the Internal Revenue Service on the monthly cash payments to himself in addition to his salary and numerous transfers he made of Wiley College's money into his brokerage accounts, including presumably federal financial aid and Title III funds; 
  • and diverting and spending grand and pledge donations." 
 Strong also states in the lawsuit that throughout his four years at the college, he wrote many memos and spoke out against the defendants' non-compliance with the terms of the HBCU loan and with IRS regulations, employee compensation and fringe benefits.

 "For example, Strong wrote a letter to the director of human resources, advising that payments and wire transfers from Wiley College operating accounts to Strickland were taxable income to him and that income and payroll taxes should have been deducted.

The official responded that Strickland had directed the payments not to be reported to the IRS." 

Strong also states that he expressed these concerns to both financial institutions overseeing the loan. 

The lawsuit also contains four pages' worth of allegations describing how Wiley College broke the loan agreement.

 Strong states Strickland highly inflated the value of the campus' property and highly overstated the college's net revenues, both of which were to serve as the required security for the HBCU loan, using the insured value instead of the appraised value.

 Strong states in the lawsuit that the HBCU loan was to be used to finance construction of a living learning center with a 500-bed student housing facility ($14.5 million), renovation of the Fred T. Long Student Union Cafeteria ($3.3 million), Jackson Hall ($100,000), resurfacing of parking lots ($175,000), a refund of the $3.4 million Wiley College Endowment Fund Loans, refund two outstanding board of trustee notes including the Batten Loan ($159,618 of the original $250,000 amount) and the Scott Loan ($515,206 of the original $750,000 amount) and payment of the loan escrow fund deposits and transaction costs.

 Strong states the college falsely reported its enrollment growth, income and expenses and pro forma projections for the five years following the loan application.

As evidence of this, Strong states from 2011 to 2015, the college had trouble paying its bills on time, had to lay off employees and twice switched down to a four-day work week due to a lack of funds.

 In the lawsuit, Strong also states the college received $750,000 in the HBCU loan to repair the J. Jack Ingram Residence Hall, which was damaged in spring 2015 flooding, "however Strickland spent the money and did not make any repairs."

 The residence hall still sits abandoned in a state of disrepair.

 He also states that loan funds were used for non-loan purchases.

 "One such misuse resulted in liens being placed on the Living Learning Center when the contractor and sub contractors were not paid," he states in the lawsuit.

"Another misuse resulted in Wiley College's endowment account having less than $150,000 balance as of June 2015, since the $3.4 million HBCU loan proceeds for replenishment of the endowment account were transferred to an operating account and spent."

 Strong states in the lawsuit that Strickland purposefully created some 1,800 to 2,500 general ledger accounts and business accounts and gave himself the sole authority to sign all checks, sign off on each and every expenditure, authorize wire transfers or college funds.

 "When (Strickland) was out of town," the lawsuit states. "no college business could get done." 

Strong also states in the lawsuit that the college has failed to make timely payments on its HBCU loan with some getting paid more than 30 days late. Strong's attorney refused to comment on when the case might go to trial.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

What is Union School in Haiti where the late Monica Petersen Supposedly Taught?

US Embassy Compound Haiti across from Gated Community for Embassy workers

US Embassy Compound Haiti Across from Gated Community for Embassy Workers

What is Union School in Haiti where a Monica Petersen is listed as a teacher for the 2016-2017 school year (believed to be the Monica Petersen who is said to have recently died in Haiti)? Union School was founded in 1919, for the children of US Marines, subsequent to the 1915 US invasion of Haiti.

Currently, Union School is a US government funded High School in Port-au-Prince Haiti, at a great distance from the region where Monica had supposedly done research on human trafficking, and allegedly intended to do more. Poor infrastructure makes the distance even greater.

Union School is also a grotesquely high-priced “elite” “prep school” for the children of US government officials, other expats, and Haitians with plenty of money in a desperately poor country. One graduate is President Martelly’s wife, Sophia.

The cost of tuition for high school students is over $13,000 per year, which, to give an idea, is slightly above the US annual income poverty level for one person. It would be difficult for this sort of annual tuition to come from honest money anywhere, especially in Haiti (although in the US not impossible, depending on the definition of honest). It would be interesting to know if this school is free to the children of US embassy workers or if they get a special stipend, or if they pay from their inflated salaries.

The US State Department doesn’t specify how much funding is given, but they do give some funding through the “Office of Overseas Schools”, and the amount must be someplace. One can speculate that they pay for school expenses not covered by tuition. (See US State Department description of the school at the bottom of our post)

The Union School is supposed to be certified as a US high school equivalent. And, yet, Monica Petersen who was supposed to have an undergraduate degree in Social Anthropology and a Master’s Degree from Korbel School of International Studies is listed as teaching High School US History, US Government, and even Entrepreneurship at Union School. Let’s hear that again – a social anthropology undergrad degree with an international studies master’s degree teaching US History, US Government, and Entrepreneurship (Business)! Furthermore, within most – maybe all- US states a high school teacher must either hold degrees in education or undergo special training and certification in order to teach, in stark contrast to college-university professors, who can theoretically teach with “only” a Masters or Ph.D. in the field of interest.

In short, based on the information which can be found, Monica was not qualified to teach the courses at this overpriced high school. Once again, this is if it’s the same Monica.

Since Haiti has become “stylish” and there are plenty of desperate, unemployed, Americans, it would probably be easy to find plenty of properly, formally, qualified teachers for this position – teachers who have degrees in education with a focus on US History, US Government, and teachers who have degrees in business education.

Furthermore, no one who was a true advocate of social justice, and who was energetic enough for an internet search or two, or had read a book about Haiti, would consider working at this school. They would not be able to stomach it. Instead, they would consider schools affiliated with the Aristide Foundation, or some other schools meant to serve the poor.

In a little bit of text attributed to Monica online, we find someone who apparently didn’t know when George Bush, Sr., Bill Clinton, and George Bush Jr. were president; nor the years of the coup d’etats against former Haitian president Aristide, nor, the fact that Clinton invaded to bring President Aristide back (in 1994) – he didn’t remove him. If she had any knowledge of these facts, she would not have falsely claimed that it was Clinton who removed Aristide, whereas it was the Bushes both times. And, yet, they had her teaching US History and Government?

In another little bit of text attributed to Monica, one finds that she reportedly arrived in Haiti in August of 2015. Although she supposedly wrote on the 15th of August that she was down in Haiti doing research for the next 3 weeks on human trafficking, we aren’t told when she arrived.

The parliamentary elections were on August 9th and a couple of months before the Haitian presidential elections had been planned: “Parliamentary elections were held in Haiti on 9 August 2015, with a second round planned initially on 25 October. Two-thirds of the Senate and all members of the Chamber of Deputies were up for election. The second round of the parliamentary elections that has been suspended in 2015 should take place in October 2016, alongside with the first round for a third of the Senate and the first round of the whole new presidential election.“.,_2015–16,_2015 . She supposedly died on the 13th of November, exactly one week before the Haitian Presidential Election runoff:,_2016–17 Is all of this a mere coincidence?

Is she really even dead?

Remember where Monica supposedly graduated from school: the Josef Korbel School of International Studies. Students from Korbel “have interned with the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Department of Defense, the United Nations, the FBI, the OECD, and World Vision International,among others“. Korbel and its graduates seem to be very much at the heart of US government foreign affairs. See:

Strangely, there is no record of her Master’s thesis.

Did she do an internship instead of a thesis? Or? Normally Master’s theses titles may be found online.

The US State Department really should report about Monica’s death, if she is dead.

Since she was an American abroad she is their responsibility and she was working at a school funded by them and hence by the US taxpayer.

Where is the notice on the Haiti Embassy web site?

Where is the notice on the Union School web site?

Why is everyone so tight-lipped?

Isn’t it frightening and curious that someone could go abroad and apparently disappear and almost no one seems to care?

US State Department Page on Union School. The cost is at the bottom.
US State Department Page on Union School
Sophia Martelly was a Union School Graduate:
Does anyone recall what happened to the investigating judge who was examining allegations of corruption against Haiti’s Presidential Family (wife, Sophia Martelly and son Oliver)?

He dropped dead. Multiple witnesses said that he met with Haiti’s President Martelly and Prime Minister Lamothe, and was threatened.

Senate and Chamber Inquest Reports advised the impeachment of Martelly, Lamothe and the Minister of Justice.

They concluded that the death was caused by fear. Others believe that Judge Joseph was poisoned.

It seems that the corruption investigation has gone nowhere since the death of the judge.

Additionally, Enold Florestal who filed the complaint against the Presidential family was arrested and put in jail.

If you want a Haiti murder mystery, read our posts about the Mysterious Death of Judge Joseph.
It’s been so long since we wrote them that we no longer recall what is in them.
Disclaimer: Note that most of the above information can currently still easily be found online with searches. It is based on both information which is found online which was supposedly written by Monica Petersen – though there is no proof that it is indeed her work- as well as public information which was available in various places, such as the Korbel Human Trafficking Center Facebook page, and the Union School web site. In some places she was listed as social science teacher for Union, but the details indicate US history, US government, Entrepreneurship. Note that there are many Monica Petersens in the US. And, she was allegedly a nanny. While evidence points toward her being a US government agent, this may or may not have been the case. Perhaps she simply worked happily in the given environment without questioning or challenging. It is also possible that she saw corruption at the school and complained. Or that she simply pissed off some rich Haitian kid who had her killed. She may have been a victim of random crime. We probably will never know, as they said at her Memorial.

Lesson to be learned: Study your school and the source of funding for any scholarships and grants before going there; before accepting them. If you intend to go abroad, do your research and make sure you know what you are getting into. In the past students (and workers) got in trouble because they did not understand the source of funding. With the Internet there is little excuse not to do thorough research.

The shortest way to get from the US through the Panama Canal is by Haiti. Thus, as long as the US needs to send commercial or military shipments through the Panama Canal, the US will never allow Haiti to really be free. All of the rest of its problems appear an outgrowth of its important geostrategic location. The US first invaded in World War I when Germany had a lot of power in Haiti. Only if Haiti became a US State could it become quasi-free. But, Haiti wouldn’t accept this, and it is unlikely that the US would.

US poverty level: (Note that no one could live on this amount without sharing a household (e.g. renting a room); owning their own house in a homestead exception state; and possibly walking everywhere, growing their own food, etc. At a slightly lower amount one becomes eligible for subsidized housing, etc. in some states. It still remains a lot of money for tuition, especially for Haiti.)

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Day 181 - Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens

Suffolk County Sheriff, Do You Where Know Shannan Gilbert's 21 Minute 911 Call Is?  

 Why No Video of Kuznik Car Dealer Murderer's Entry On To Car Lot? Why Let BMW Guy Go? 

 Visiting the Murder Scene of Mike and Trina Kuznik's Car Dealership 

 We're Mike and Trina Kuznik a Victim of Stevens?

 Did Steve Stephens Kill 13 or Not, Following His Footsteps 

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A Tale Of Campaign Finance Fraud: Jason Chaffetz, Michele Bachmann And The FEC

Jason Chaffetz FEC Filings sans 2016
Gather round, boys and girls, for I am about to tell another tale about campaign finance fraud.

Once upon a time, in 2016 to be exact, there were lots of mean, greedy people who wanted to take my Sweetie out of office, again.

The "Meanies" as I shall so affectionately refer to them, had come together with a plan of his demise, again.

That made me sad because they had been mean to me, too, for a very, very long time.

So, what had happened was... I started with the first thing I always do, and that was to go to the Forest of the Federal Election Commission database and search for Campaign Committee structures of the Meany who wanted to take out my Sweetie.

Well, needless to say, the filings were really jacked up as it did not declare the website of the committee.

So, what had happened was...I bought all the domains.  All variances of them.

I parked all of them to this blog.

Then I found out that the campaign had mistakenly published its website while under construction.

To make a long story short, the campaign could not raise a single penny online, and would have to redo all the FEC filings.

By the time the campaign became aware, it was too late because I had did some SEO stuff where the opposition candidate's online searches would only produce me.

The story continues, but for this particular post, we shall be focusing on Jason Chaffetz.

Now, this takes us back to the U.S. Judiciary Committee.

I tried to structure the first SEO presence for the Committee but the Meanies tried to get rid of me.

They did not do a very good job because I did it anyway.  (another ongoing, investigative story).

I was mad, but hey, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Well, with the news of the abrupt announcement of Jason Chaffetz leaving Congress, my mind began to whirl because news had also been made that there was a conjugal collaboration going after Michele Bachmann for campaign finance questionable activities.

Now, alot of that money just disappeared.

That is a naughty no-no.

I will even go so far as to say, with the greatest of confidence, that Michele Bachmann used Medicaid cost reimbursements to fund her campaigns.

Well, it seems Jason Chaffetz may have fallen prey to a similar scheme.

Chaffetz did not list his campaign website address on his FEC Statement of Organization, which means there is a possibility he was raising money, under the guise of something else, and did not declare any of it.

So, what had happened was...

Behold!  I was right.

I believe the FEC caught it, too, and asked him to disavow, and to go away...far, far away...and never run again, because all his campaign sites are no longer found.
So, if I have erred in these statements, then I strongly encourage someone to correct them.

The moral of the story is: "Do not be mean to my Sweetie."

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Friday, April 21, 2017

The Watergate Style Break In That Covered Up Shocking Wave Of Clinton State Department Scandals

In 2013, it was first reported that the Clinton State Department had called off eight separate internal investigations into alleged misconduct by the diplomatic corps. When whistleblowers attempted to highlight the wave of coverups, they were subjected to a harassment campaign by the State Department. The law firm representing the former State Department employee who publicized the misconduct was broken into and key evidence stolen in an apparent effort to further obfuscate efforts to ensure a proper investigation into the crimes was carried out. The event was not given widespread attention by the media when it first emerged.

I. The U.S. Government Failed To Appoint An Inspector General For Five Years

Hillary Clinton was appointed to her position as Secretary of State on January 21, 2009, serving until February 1, 2013.  From January 16, 2008 to September 30, 2013, the Obama administration had failed to appoint an Inspector General for the Department of State (DS).  This led some lawmakers to question DS as to why the agency’s top watchdog position, tasked with investigating the practices of roughly 260 embassies worldwide, had been left empty for more than five years, creating the longest such vacancy in the history of any federal agency.  This led Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and ranking member Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY) to write a letter to then Secretary of State John Kerry requesting that he urge the President to nominate a permanent Inspector General for the Department of State as soon as possible. Because DS lacked an Inspector General, Harold W. Geisel, the Deputy Inspector General, was appointed the interim Inspector General of the State Department. Geisel would remain in this position for the next five years, until June 2013.

In 2013, it was first reported that the Clinton State Department had called off eight separate internal investigations into alleged misconduct by the diplomatic corps during the time that there was no appointed inspector general. Of these eight quashed investigations, the one which has found its way back into the limelight, as a result of the media’s complete blackout of President Trump’s human trafficking busts, is that of the former U.S. Ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman. MSNBC’s Chuck Todd detailed these allegations in a video report from early June of 2013.

II. Ambassador Gutman Was Shielded From Criminal Charges By The State Department
Howard W. Gutman was sworn in as the U.S. Ambassador to Belgium on August 14, 2009. Before being sworn into his role as Ambassador, Gutman was known to be one of President Obama’s top donors, raising a staggering $775,000 for the 2008 campaign and inauguration committee.  In 2016, hacker Guccifer2.0 began releasing documents from the DNC and DCCC.  According to these documents, Gutman is said to have raised a total of $816,550 for Obama For America (OFA) and $724,500 for the DNC.  The donations are part of what was a culture of pay to play politics in the Obama administration. Four years later, Gutman would again be find himself in the public eye, after the release of a ‘damning’ internal memo.

According to this memo, the Department of State assigned an agent to conduct an investigation into possible criminal behavior involving the ambassador to Belgium.  The agent reported that Ambassador Gutman would regularly leave his protective security detail, in order to solicit sexual favors from both prostitutes and minors.  However, after only two days of preliminary inquiry, the agent was directed to stop any further investigation into the matter, because of a decision by senior Department officials to treat the matter as a “management issue.”  In June of 2011, in response to the allegations and information obtained by the agent, Ambassador Gutman was recalled to Washington D.C., where he met with Under Secretary of State for Management Patrick F. Kennedy, and then Chief of Staff and Counselor to the Secretary of State, Cheryl Mills.  During the meeting, the Ambassador denied all allegations of wrongdoing, and was then permitted to return to his post, with no further action being sought.

Despite the decision to terminate the investigation after only two days, DS Management argued to OIG that the decision was proper, as “no further investigation was possible”.  However, in its findings, OIG concluded that DS was wrong, and that further evidence could have in fact been recovered.  According to the memo, OIG found that over the course of the two-day investigation, “only one of multiple potential witnesses on the embassy’s security staff had been interviewed.”  OIG further found that not only did DS fail to interview Ambassador Gutman, but DS did not follow its normal, established investigative procedures of assigning an investigative case number to the matter or opening.  Lastly, OIG found that DS failed to even keep investigative case files on the matter.
Patrick Kennedy told OIG that he decided to handle the incident as a “management issue”, based on disciplinary provision 3 FAM 4322.2 of the Foreign Affairs Manual.  According to this provision, when “exceptional circumstances” exist, the Under Secretary need not refer the suspected misconduct to OIG or DS for further investigation.  Kennedy went on to explain that he cited as “exceptional circumstances” the fact that the Ambassador worked overseas. When questioned about his determination to terminate the investigation and characterize the explosive allegations as a “management issue”, Kennedy responded that he has, “always acted to honor the brave men and women I serve, while also holding accountable anyone guilty of wrongdoing. In my current position, it is my responsibility to make sure the Department and all of our employees-no matter their rank-are held to the highest standard, and I have never once interfered, nor would I condone interfering, in any investigation.”

On January 23, 2017, amid rumors that he would be replaced, Kennedy left the State Department, ending a career which began in 1973.  This was the same day Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made his first trip to the State Department, in order to introduce himself.

III. State Department Memos Were Edited To Prevent Scandal, Cover Up Embarrassing Details

Earlier drafts of the memo provided to the Washington Examiner, showed DS interim Inspector General, Harold W. Geisel, along with other state officials, editing out passages of the memo, that would have been extremely embarrassing to Hillary Clinton just days before she stepped down from her post.

According to a draft dated November 16, senior officials in the State Department would actively influence the progress and results of internal investigations, as well as to shield “rising stars” from criminal charges or embarrassment that could potentially harm their career. One case, which triggered outraged comment from several special investigations division sources, related to allegations that a Regional Security Officer engaged in serious criminal conduct including sexual abuse of local embassy staff during a series of embassy postings. Sources also stated that a senior diplomatic security official successfully protected some agents on the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's security detail from investigations into misbehavior while on official trips. The Examiner reported that no explanation was given as to why this text was removed from the final OIG report published in February 2013.

Another passage that was removed from the February 2013 report indicates that officials from the State Department's "7th Floor Group" shielded Ambassador Gutman from an investigation into alleged pedophilia. In a separate draft from November 27, next to the passage detailing the investigation into the pedophilia allegations against Ambassador Gutman, someone had typed: “[T]hese allegations must be deleted.” However, this comment was removed from the November 28 draft.

However, the case against Ambassador Gutman is just one of many State Department cover-ups outlined in the memo. Some of the other alleged cover-ups include:
  • Justine Sincavage, Director of Diplomatic Security Service, closing an investigation into former DS regional security officer in Beirut, Chuck Lisenbee, after he was accused of multiple sexual assaults on guards in Baghdad, Khartoum and Monrovia. Sincavage declared the allegations a "witch hunt" and gave agents "only three days" to investigate before closing the investigation.
  • Details about an “underground drug ring” operating near the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad which supplied State Department security contractors with drugs, causing one individual to die of a methadone overdose, which he was taking to counteract his addiction to oxycodone.  DS regional security officer prevented a special investigation into these matters.
  • One passage, completely redacted in the final memo, which revealed that many bureau of diplomatic security officials whom were the subject of investigations, would often come to work with their firearms, leading some investigators to do the same.
  • William Brownfield, assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs allegedly “gave the impression” to the Diplomatic Security Service that a probe into the deaths of four Hondurans involving the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) should not be pursued.  At the time the memo was written, the case reportedly remained open, as the DEA refused to cooperate.
  • Clinton’s Chief of Staff, Cheryl Mills' intervention into an investigation into an affair between then-Iraq Ambassador-designee, Brett McGurk and Wall Street Journal reporter Gina Chon, after his emails were leaked.
  • The ‘endemic’ hiring of prostitutes among agents belonging to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s security detail.  According to the memo, seven security agents were accused of paying for sex while they were traveling overseas with Secretary Clinton.  Two of these agents would confessed to the allegations, while a third stated that he ‘paid for services that were ultimately not received’.  Despite these confessions, senior State Department personnel allowed one of the offending agents to continue his role in securing a Moscow hotel, ‘despite obvious counterintelligence issues.’  Investigators would later uncover evidence against four more agents, however, senior officials would halt any further investigation into the remaining agents, ‘despite the possibility of counterintelligence issues.’
IV. The State Department Harassed Whistleblowers Who Made The Scandals Public

The Examiner obtained these earlier drafts from Richard Higbie, a senior criminal investigator at the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, after he had disclosed the documents to several members of Congress, as well as multiple congressional committees, under federal whistleblower protections. In a live interview with The Blaze, Higbie provides further insight into the alleged State Department cover-ups. Many of these documents were provided by whistleblower, Aurelia Fedenisn, through a subpoena issued by Higbie’s legal team.

Fedenisn, a former investigator for the State Department Inspector General for 26 years, stated that she wanted to share the original memo with the media, in order to show how internal investigations were being influenced by officials in the State Department.  In an interview with CBS, Fedenisn stated that investigators, “uncovered several allegations of criminal wrongdoing in cases, some of which never became cases."  Fedenisn explained that agents were very upset with the pushback they received from senior State Department officials: "We were very upset. We expect to see influence, but the degree to which that influence existed and how high up it went, was very disturbing.” According to Fedenisn, when a high-ranking State Department security official was shown a draft of their findings, detailing how investigations were being interfered with by senior State Department officials, he said, “This is going to kill us.”

However, once the final report was released, all references to these specific cases had been removed. Regarding how investigators felt after receiving so much pushback for simply doing their jobs, Fedenisn stated, "I mean my heart really went out to the agents in that office, because they really want to do the right thing, they want to investigate the cases fully, correctly, accurately ... and they can't.” Cary Schulman, Fedenisn’s lawyer, told NBC that her client felt it was important that Congress get this information. Schulman went on to state, “It’s a coverup…The whole agency is impaired. Undue influence . . . is coming from political appointees. It’s coming from above the criminal investigation unit.”

Fedenisn claimed that in response to bringing this information to light, she has been the subject of an intimidation campaign by the Department of State. In an interview with The Cable, Fedenisn’s attorney stated that the Department of State had law enforcement officers camp out in front of Fedenisn's house, harass her children and attempt to incriminate her. Schulman said after Fedenisn’s interview with CBS, investigators from the State Department’s Inspector General, arrived at Fedenisn’s residence and went to the door where they talked to both of her children and never identified themselves. Investigators talked to the “…older brother and then the younger daughter, a minor, asking for their mom’s place of work and cell phone number…They camped out for four to five hours.” According to Schulman, the purpose of the investigators visit was to have Fedenisn sign a document admitting that she stole State Department materials. However, Fedenisn’s separation agreement with the State Department includes a provision, which legally allows disclosures of misconduct. Schulman further stated that none of this material was classified.

V. Intruders Broke Into The Firm Representing Whistleblowers To Steal Evidence

On June 29, 2013, the firm representing both Higbie and Fedenisn, Schulman & Mathias, was broken into multiple times. The entire incident was captured on camera and reported by the local Fox affiliate. The report states that after kicking the glass of the door in, the two burglars sawed a hole through the wall from an adjoining office and stole three computers, leaving behind other valuables. The firm was the only suite burglarized in the high-rise office building, while all other offices were left untouched.
Security camera footage showing break in at Schulman & Mathias
In a statement to The Cable, Schulman noted that the break-in was, “…a crazy, strange and suspicious situation… It’s clear to me that it was somebody looking for information and not money. My most high-profile case right now is the Aurelia Fedenisn case, and I can’t think of any other case where someone would go to these great lengths to get our information."

The break-in came shortly after it was reported that Higbie’s email account had been hacked. According to Schulman, the hack targeted Higbie’s Gmail account and the perpetrators, deleted four years of emails, some detailing alleged wrongdoing at the State Department. As reported by the New York Post the deleted e-mails included evidence of misconduct by top officials at the department, communications with other potential whistleblowers there, correspondence with members of Congress who were investigating the allegations, and correspondence between Higbie and Schulman regarding legal strategy. Schulman, calling the hacking job “sophisticated” and the targeting of his client is “alarming”, noted, “Obviously, somebody is not happy with something he’s doing and wanted to get that information and also cause him an inability in the future to have ready access to that.”

Although it’s been nearly four years since this story broke, Disobedient Media was able to contact Damon Mathias, formerly of the Schulman & Mathias law firm. When asked about the circumstances surrounding the break-in, Mathias noted that he was “fresh out of law school”, and that they were a very small firm.

“I was a very young attorney and I partnered with an older attorney…and we had a very small, humble office, it was just us two. We weren’t exactly a prime target. I flew to Washington that same week the story broke…[and] gave testimony before Congressional committees. And then…15 days later all the computers are taken”

When asked if they ever heard back from members of Congress after giving testimony before committees, Mathias confirmed a disappointing truth: that these Congressional hearings are simply just for show. While Congressmen enjoy getting their names in an article in relation to the topic, the subject is usually dropped soon afterwards. “It’s all a show, it’s all a show. And right after I met with them, you saw the OIG meeting with Royce’s committee and after that it was crickets. It was over" Mathias said. Recounting his experience with the information he was able to see, Mathias stated, “At the end of the day…the glimpse that I saw going through those documents, and going through everything was just, wow, you know, in our name? We are citizens and they go abroad in our name. The stuff that they’re doing…It definitely needs to be brought to light.”

The final thought Mathias left us with was a sad, bleak picture regarding the fears held by many other governmental officials who have seen wrongdoing throughout their time in government, and why they either wait until the end of their careers or instead, choose to never whistleblow at all, “I’ll tell you this…the one thing with Aurelia, where it was kind of the perfect storm, is that she was on her way out. There are a lot of people up there who will not say anything… I’m not gonna judge them, but, you know, it’s very tough to do that when you still have a lot riding on the line. And the thing with Aurelia is she was out, so she had that freedom to speak out and the retaliation wasn’t really there…there’s a lot out there, but a lot of people are just way too afraid to speak out, unfortunately. We haven’t really helped whistleblowers in that regard.”

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