Friday, May 26, 2017

George Webb and Jason Goodman Speak With Jared Beck On DNC Lawsuit And Sean Lucas Death

DNC Lawsuit Lawyer Jared Beck Chats With Us, Part 1  

 Jared Beck Chats With Us Part 2 


Streamed live on May 2, 2017 The Democratic National Committee is defending itself against a lawsuit brought by Bernie Sanders supporters over the Democratic presidential primary process. Attorney, Jared Beck explains the DNC arguments, the Bernie Sanders Supporters, Bernie donors, Democratic Party Members grievances and the evidence presented thus far in Wilding et al. v. DNC Services Corp. class action, Case No. 16-cv-61511-WJZ (S.D. Fla). The DNC Lawsuit is a fight for justice following the biased DNC Primary Election process and activities.

Get up to speed on the DNC Fraud Lawsuit:


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Will Besty DeVos Be Impeached On Violating The Emolument Clause?

U.S. Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos has a substantial financial investments in privatized education, which is a clear violation of the Emolument Clause.

Neither is an elected or appointed official able to enforce their personal beliefs upon a democratic society.

The last time I checked, the aforementioned actions were considered federal crimes.

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Breaking Down the #HRCratline for Crowdsource the Truth

This video was originally posted on Crowdsource the Truth

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Day 215 - Hillary's Leakers and Hackers

Guccifer/McCabe Hacks Amy Pascal of Sony, Podesta-Nides Can't Get "Donation", Obama Jokes Go Public

 Anthony Weiner's Startup Provide H1Bs for Awans? 

 Hina Alvi SUPRACOR Indicted 2010 

 Drudge Releases FBI Report That Says FBI Illegally Shared Electronic Communications With Third Parties and Govt Contractors 

 FBI Gives Surveillance Data to Third Parties and Govt Contractors 

 Liz Crokin Steps Away From Inveatigation, We Are Not 

Fedex Now Flying Ratline After September 1, 2011?

Was Seth Rich About to Testify in the Sean Lucas DNC Case? Pagliano?

Was the Chair Throw in Vegas the Beginning of the DNC Lawsuit?

 Did Las Vegas Chair Throw Drive the DNC Lawsuit? 

 Honest Capitol Police Jurisdiction Ends at Avenue at Avenue H. Seth Rich Killed at Avenue W 

 I Had Jared Beck all Wrong - He Did File After Goose 2 on June 15th

 DNC Lawsuit and Witness List  

Jason Emails Jared Beck Beckon Star Witnesses

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

CONYERS Statement On Circuit Court Ruling To Block Trump's Muslim/Refugee Ban

Washington, D.C. – House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI) released the following statement after the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a block on President Donald Trump's revised Muslim and refugee ban executive order:

Dean of the U.S. House
of Representatives
John Conyers, Jr.
“Today, yet another court has struck down Trump's un-American Muslim and refugee ban.  Even in its so-called revised form, the courts have not closed their eyes to the undeniable truth--that the ban was intended to harm Muslims and thus is in conflict with the First Amendment's prohibition on the establishment of religion.

“The second travel ban executive order, like the first, undoubtedly targets Muslims and is unconstitutional. I’m pleased that the judicial branch has been steadfast in their commitment to upholding the constitution.”

In April 2017, Ranking Member Conyers helped lead 165 Democratic Members of Congress in filing a brief as amici curiae in the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit in the case of International Refugee Assistance Project v. Trumpto highlight the unlawfulness of Trump’s second travel ban executive order.

In their amicus brief, the Members wrote, “…despite the Second Order’s self-serving claims to the contrary, it delivers on President Trump’s repeated promises as a candidate to limit the entry of Muslims into the country.  In so doing, it flies in the face of one of our most deeply rooted constitutional values: that the government must not favor (or disfavor) any particular religion. As the Constitution’s text and history make clear, the Religion Clauses—both Article VI’s prohibition on the use of religious tests, and the First Amendment’s promise of “free exercise of religion” and prohibition on “laws respecting an establishment of religion”—prohibit a religious test that singles out a religion for discriminatory treatment under our immigration laws. . . . The best way to protect the security of the nation and to uphold foundational American values is to respect the Constitution’s fundamental protections and the laws passed by Congress.”

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CONYERS: Billionaires Posing As Populists Won't Support Trade Deals For Working People

Dean of the U.S. House
of Representatives
John Conyers, Jr.
Last week, President Trump’s administration notified Congress of his intent to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Act, better known as NAFTA.  As someone who fought against NAFTA’s passage and who has watched unfair competition with low-wage nations tear apart his district—count me among the unimpressed. This is likely to be just another trade deal written by billionaires for the benefit of billionaires.

Donald Trump narrowly won my home state in 2016 on a simple promise: he was going to undo, or scrap the unfair trade deals that were hurting Michigan workers.  He promised this despite his past support for free trade, but regardless of his history, people believed he honestly opposed trade deals like NAFTA and the Trans Pacific Partnership.

Regardless of Trump’s sincerity, he appeared to give voice to the angst that Michigan workers rightfully feel about the impact of NAFTA over the past 20 years. Our workers are tired of competing against Mexican workers who make pennies on the dollar. Michiganders hate that our auto trade deficit—in our largest manufacturing industry—has tripled since NAFTA was passed to over $130 billion as of 2013.

And while NAFTA isn’t the only globalized trade force driving down American wages, Michiganders feel like it was the slippery slope that led so many manufacturers to pack up and leave.  Workers in Michigan feared that Hillary Clinton would not be in their corner on trade. That was costly for her, ultimately proving fatal in the narrow loss she suffered in Michigan.

Decades of losses under NAFTA aren’t easy to fix. Our economy has become so intertwined with Mexico’s that we cannot simply end NAFTA—we have to reform it.  That requires work and that requires a new approach.  To succeed, we need real outsiders who represent working people to write our trade deals—not billionaires like Betsy DeVos and Wilbur Ross and Steven Mnuchin, who will always put Wall Street before Detroit.

Right now, President Trump is relying on donors, family and staff to tell him what a good deal looks like.  With the exception of his Trade Representative, Robert Lighthizer, who has a reputation as an independent on these matters, Trump’s people are the same ones who have fought for NAFTA and its successors to make it easier to offshore jobs, break up unions, and force workers to compete against people being paid a few dollars a day.

The reason I oppose these billionaire former CEOs writing our trade laws is simple: bargaining power.  If their workers in the United States want higher wages, a CEO can bargain them down by threatening to offshore their jobs.  If environmental agencies or activists want them to stop damaging the environment, the corporate executives call them job killers and threaten to move to a country with fewer regulations and a weaker civil society.

If we want to have fair trade, then we need to be able to enforce the restrictions that make trade fair. But that’s easier said than done.  Enforcing rules and regulations is hard at home and it only gets harder oversees. If Trump gets his way, and guts the American agencies who oversee foreign countries compliance with existing trade rules—it’s going to be nearly impossible.

So far, Trump’s done very little to encourage those who want a fair renegotiation of NAFTA.  After a campaign where he talked tough, he has done little as president to back it up.  He called China a currency manipulator repeatedly during the campaign, but now he says they are not—all while his son-in-law’s family business pitches deals to Chinese investors on their access to President Trump.

At this point in his struggling presidency, Donald Trump needs to do something to fulfill his populist promises and that isn’t unconstitutional, unwise and against American’s interests. Renegotiating NAFTA to protect American workers’ jobs—and workers abroad from exploitation—could be that act.  In order to do so, he needs to have labor unions, consumer advocates, and environmental and safety regulators leading—not advising, but leading—that effort. 

We need people who care deeply about the full implications of trade to be heard with this deal. What we don’t need is another trade deal written by big business for big business.  Unfortunately, looking at Trump’s Cabinet and the people who we know have access to him, another big business trade deal seems like exactly what he’s going to push. We must remain vigilant and prepared to hold his feet to the fire to ensure good jobs for Michigan families. 

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Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission Violates Voting Rights

Recently, I cam across an enlightening post on Linked In by Attorney James W. Burdick

"I am a candidate for a seat on the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission and, if you are a lawyer in Michigan, will appreciate your vote at the Michigan State Bar website."
I stood back in aghast!

Now, if you do not remember, I have an issue with the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission for being biased when it comes to protecting their financial conflicts of interests while presiding on the bench.
"All those who grieve in Michigan against a judge
shall be smyted by the court."

Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission Sucks

So, here is my other issue:

The Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission violates voting rights.

That is correct, the people of the State of Michigan who have an issue with a judge have no rights, whatsoever, to have a voice in who decides the grievances against the judges who have violated their civil rights.

By and through a private organization, of which is completely operated under a veil of secrecy, a group of attorneys elected by its paid membership of fee licensed state attorneys who are beholden to no one but the Michigan Bar Association, will transfer only their voices to an elite judicial conclave to run and oversee the domestic policies of the State of Michigan.

But wait, it gets better.

Not only are the people excluded from the vote, they are categorically banned from the voting process.

How so?  Well, t'was by accident I ran across this public campaign pitch on Linked In.

No where in the Michigan Constitution does it state that a private organization shall run the courts.

Hell, it is not even mentioned in the U.S. Constitution.

Ergo, no money, no justice.  No law license, no voting rights.s

The pro se litigant has no chance in a court of law as judges will discredit one based upon the lack of economic resources to conduct a civil case in the fashion accustomed by the State Bar.

The people do not possess voting rights, but have no right of dissent, otherwise known as the right to petition for removal from this psuedo-elected office.

As seen here, there are other seats on the Commission which are elected by different groups of elected judges and appointment of the Governor.

No wonder the Michigan Emergency Manager Law went through.  It has been in existence through the court model for years.

Judicial Tenure Commission

The Judicial Tenure Commission serves to promote the integrity of the judicial process and preserve public confidence in the courts. Michigan created the Commission when voters passed an amendment to Article 6, § 30 of the Michigan Constitution in August, 1968. The enabling court rule is now codified in MCR 9.200.

Time to amend.

The Commission strives to hold state judges, magistrates, and referees accountable for their misconduct without jeopardizing or compromising the essential independence of the judiciary. The basis for Commission action is a violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct or Rules of Professional Conduct, which are published with the Michigan Rules of Court.

Contact Information
Phone: (313) 875-5110
Fax: (313) 875-5154

Written correspondence (including completed Request for Investigation forms)Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission
3034 West Grand Blvd.
Suite 8-450
Detroit, MI 48202


Hon. Pablo Cortes - Vice Chair
Elected by District and Municipal Judges
Term expires 12/31/16

Thomas J. Ryan, Esq.
Elected by the state bar membership
Term expires 12/31/16

Hon. Monte Burmeister
Elected by Probate Judges
Term expires 12/31/17

Nancy J. Diehl, Esq.
Elected by state bar membership
Term expires 12/31/17

David Fischer, Bloomfield Hills
Appointed by the Governor
Term expires 12/31/17

Hon. Nancy Grant
Elected by Circuit Court Judges
Term expires 12/31/18

Hon. David H. Sawyer - Chair
Elected by Court of Appeals Judges
Term expires 12/31/18

Hon. Lawrence S. Talon
Elected by state bar membership
Term expires 12/31/18

Missy Spickler, Bloomfield Hills
Appointment by the Governor
Term expires 12/31/9

Looks like I am going to have to champion this and commence to irritating this "body elected",

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Day 214 Jason Goodman Finds Braverman Apartment Supplement Hillary's Leakers, Hackers and Henchmen

In the early morning hours of day 214, Jason returns to New York City to execute a super secret mission that takes us back to the original question of days 1 - 53... 

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Day 214 - Hillary's Leakers and Hackers

Eric Braverman's Last Steps Before the Run to the Russian Consulate? 

 Is This Hina Alvi, Wife of Imran Awan? 

 Did Warren T Flood Write Guccifer 2.0 Document? 

 DNC Dr. Linked to Podesta Brothers - Counting Toupees on Capitol Hill 

 School Plays - Seth Rich, Kim Dotcom, and Guccifer 2 

SUPRACOR, PAKISAT, Nanoset, and Having the US Govt Paying Your Nanoset R&D and Your Remote Sensing Analyst. One If By Earthquake, Two If By Flood, Warren Flood That Is.

Who is Eric Braverman?

 Greg Meeks Office

 Jason Chaffetz Office

 Blake Farenthold's Office

 State Dept Liaison Office of Loopholes and "Diiplomatic" Visas

 ATT Store in Basement of Longworth Office Building - US House of Representatives.

 Metadata is Better Than School Play

Jason and I Ask For Chief Verderosa, Get PIO

 Farenthold Calls For Seth Rich Investigation

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CONYERS: After New Sessions Russia Report, Conyers Calls For Committee Investigation Into Sessions Misstatments

Washington, D.C. - After CNN reported that the Justice Department revealed Attorney General Sessions failed to disclose his contacts with Russian officials as part of his security clearance,  Rep. John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI), the Ranking Member on the House Judiciary Committee, issued the following statement:

Dean of the U.S. House
of Representatives
John Conyers, Jr.
“The latest report detailing how Attorney General Jeff Sessions once again concealed his contacts with Russian officials points to a troubling pattern of behavior by the nation’s chief law enforcement officer.

“In the face of an ongoing investigation into the Trump campaign's contact with the Russian government--an investigation from which Mr. Sessions is recused because of his failure to disclose similar contacts--the Attorney General’s decision to omit this information from his security clearance application demands the House Judiciary Committee’s careful review. 

“Chairman Goodlatte should immediately convene a hearing on this matter. We can no longer delay conducting oversight of the Office of the Attorney General.”

Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee have long called on Chairman Bob Goodlatte to join them in their oversight efforts.

On March 2nd, all House Judiciary Committee Democrats sent a letter to former Federal Bureau of Investigations Director James Comey and former U.S. Attorney for Washington, D.C., Channing D. Phillips, calling for an immediate criminal investigation into U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ statements before Congress in regards to his communications with Russian officials.

On March 10th, every Democrat on the Committee called on Chairman Goodlatte to “get moving on Trump oversight” by holding formal committee hearings on Russia’s interference with the election and related matters. 

On March 31st, Reps. John Conyers, Jr., Hakeem Jeffries and Ted Lieu, called for Sessions to clarify his involvement with the Russia investigation, after his statements on leaks of classified information.

On May 11th, all seventeen Democrats on the House Committee on the Judiciary sent a letter to Chairman Bob Goodlatte, urging him to conduct immediate hearings into the firing of James Comey. 

On May 12th, Rep. John Conyers, Jr., and Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, sent a letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein raising “grave concerns” about Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ direct participation in President Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey despite the fact that he previously recused himself from any actions involving the investigations of the Trump and Clinton presidential campaigns.

On May 16th, all 33 Democratic Members of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and the House Committee on the Judiciary, sent a detailed letter to their respective Republican Chairmen outlining their demand for an immediate investigation into the actions of President Donald Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and top White House aides.

The House Judiciary Committee has jurisdiction over the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It also has jurisdiction over the Foreign Agents Registration Act and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

With 12 Minutes To Spare, Daire Rendon Almost Violated The Open Meetings Act

With 12 minutes to spare!

Daire Rendon has almost violated the Open Meetings Act with a 12 minute closing window!

On May 24, 2017 at 4:18 p.m., public notice of the revised agenda was published, 12 minutes at the 18 hour threshold of the law.

Revised Agenda House Standing Committee Meeting

Families, Children, and Seniors, Rep. Daire Rendon, Chair

DATE: Thursday, May 25, 2017

TIME: 10:30 AM

PLACE: Room 327, House Office Building, Lansing, MI

SB 180  (Sen. Schuitmaker)      Children; child care; provisions related to background checks and fingerprinting of child care organizations; require.

SB 181  (Sen. Hildenbrand)      Children; child care; general amendments related to licensing; provide for, and eliminate registration.

SB 182  (Sen. Hopgood)  Children; child care; licensure requirements for child care centers; modify.

SB 183  (Sen. Schuitmaker)      Criminal procedure; sentencing guidelines; sentencing guidelines for failure to report certain charges; update.

HB 4505 (Rep. Farrington)       Crime victims; compensation; reimbursement for medical procedures and services related to sexual assault medical forensic examinations; modify.

HB 4506 (Rep. Allor)    Crime victims; compensation; sexual assault victims' medical forensic intervention and treatment fund; modify use of expenditures.

I wonder if HB 4505 and 4506 will include foster children, but considering the fact that these Bills were added at the last possible 12 minutes, I highly doubt very many stakeholders were even notified.


Daire Rendon hitting the send button @ 4:18 p,m,, May 24, 2017.

To view text of legislation go to:

Committee Clerk: Taylor Thrush
Phone: 517-373-7256

Individuals needing special accommodations to participate in the meeting may contact the Chair's office.

Schedule changes or cancellations available at

Notice posted: 5/24/2017...@4:18 p,m,

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CONYERS: Top House Judiciary Democrats Call On Trump To Provide Details On All Foreign Gifts & Emoluments

Washington, D.C. – Today, top House Judiciary Committee Democrats sent a letter, below, to President Donald Trump to request that he provide a detailed accounting of all items constituting a “present” or “Emolument” from all foreign governments and their agents. This letter comes after the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee released a document from the Trump Organization, also below, which states, in part, “To fully and completely identify all patronage at our Properties by customer type is impractical in the service industry and putting forth a policy that requires all guests to identify themselves would impede upon personal privacy and diminish the guest experience of our brand.”

In their letter, the Members wrote, “…the Trump Organization indicated it would be ‘impractical’ to ‘fully and completely identify all patronage’ at the Organization’s properties.   As a result, it is now all the more important that we ask you directly to provide an accounting of items constituting a “present” or “Emolument” from foreign governments, their agents, and instrumentalities as set forth below.”

The letter is signed by House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI); House Judiciary Subcommittee Ranking Members Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), Zoe Lofgren (D-CA), Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), Steve Cohen (D-TN), David N. Cicilline (D-RI); and House Judiciary Committee Vice Ranking Member Jamie Raskin (D-MD).

In March 2017, Democrats on the Committee released a document to highlight 15 facts rebutting the myths President Trump has perpetrated regarding the applicability of ethics laws to the Executive Office of the President, his conflicts of interest, his plans to address those conflicts of interest, and his claims regarding the application of the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause. 

In February 2017,  House Judiciary Committee Republicans voted to kill a resolution of inquiry which would have directed the Justice Department to provide the House of Representatives with information relevant to President Trump’s conflicts of interest, his potential violations of the Emoluments Clause, and ties between his campaign advisors and the Russian regime.

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Day 213 - Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen

Cracking the Seth Rich Case Is Not Enough, We Need to Crack All the Hacks

Tres Gowdy Office Visit, DWS Threatens Capitol Police

 You can get your blackberry phone right in the basement of the US Congress Longworth building

 Tweet Luke Rosiak for Recent Pictures of Imran, Hina, Omar, and Jamal. Is Natalia Sova Still in the US?

 To return Blackberry to Congressional it staff member who forgot his phone with me

 Mr. Webb Goes To Washington

Congressional Directory With the Smallest Type You Ever Saw

 Our visit to representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz's office

Twenty Congressmen Lost Their Thin Clients and Blackberries the Same Day?

George engages in high level trade craft (aka hard boozin') as he meets with a new contact providing insight into the use of Blackberry phones in Congress.

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CONYERS: Members Of Congress Press Conference On Medicare For All Legislation

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people standing and suitOn Wednesday, May 24th at 9:45AM, Members of Congress held a press conference at the House Triangle to provide a new update on legislation to expand Medicare to a national, single payer system. Rep. John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI), the sponsor of H.R. 676, The Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act, will be joined by Members of Congress, along with representatives from Physicians for a National Health Plan and National Nurses United.

In attendance were:

Image may contain: 1 person, beard and outdoor
Congressman John Conyers, Jr., Dean of the U.S. House of Representatives  
Congressman Keith Ellison, Congressional Progressive Caucus Co-Chair
Congressman Ro Khanna
Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee
Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman
Congressman Jamie Raskin
Congressman Adriano Espaillat
Congressman Peter Welch
Dr. Philip Verhoef, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics, ICU physician, University of Chicago
Jean Ross, RN., Co-President, National Nurses United
Additional Members of Congress

Image may contain: text

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CONYERS: Heartless Trump Budget Hurts Nation's Most Vulnerable And Undermines Access To Justice

Washington, D.C. – House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI), today released the following statement on President Donald Trump’s proposed fiscal year 2018 budget:

Dean of the U.S, House
of Representatives
John Conyers, Jr.
“There is no doubt that President Trump’s budget starves many essential government programs across the board.  These proposed cuts threaten to undermine the Justice Department’s critical public safety efforts and jeopardize essential community-based justice programs,” said Conyers

Guts Legal Services Program for America’s Most Vulnerable:

Conyers continued, “The Trump Budget effectively eliminates the Legal Services Corporation (LSC), a program that for more than 40 years, with bipartisan support, has provided civil legal representation of hundreds of thousands of Americans in every county in every state and the territories.  By cutting all LSC funding, the Trump Budget would harm America's most vulnerable: seniors victimized by consumer fraud scams, families facing foreclosure and eviction, women trying to escape domestic abuse, and veterans seeking promised benefits.  Last year alone, LSC grantees helped nearly 100,000 veterans and their family members nationwide.  Rather than address the enormous gap between the number of people who need legal services and the resources currently available to LSC to meet their needs, the Trump budget instead guts this critical program, which is particularly needed in rural communities where 20% of the Nation’s population resides in rural areas, but only 2% of lawyers serve these communities.”

Strips Funding from National Instant Criminal Background Check Improvement Program:

“After the Virginia Tech mass shooting in 2007, Congress passed the NICS Improvement Amendments Act, a bipartisan measure to require and fund the addition of qualifying mental health information into the background check system,” said Conyers.  “The Trump budget reduces funding for this effort. We must maintain our commitment to making sure this system is as comprehensive as possible to reduce the chances that guns are sold in error to people who are legally prohibited from possessing them.”

Harms Crime Prevention Efforts:

Conyers continued, “The Trump budget severely underfunds programs that help the formerly incarcerated get back on their feet. At a time when we must focus our efforts on programs that actually work to reduce crime, we must not back away from funding critical programs under the Second Chance Act that help prisoners successfully transition back to their communities and thereby reduce recidivism.” 

Americans Foot the Bill for Trump’s Border Wall:

“This budget funds a militarized police force which has the potential to expose Americans to greater racial profiling and additional interrogations at the border. With this budget, Americans will foot the bill for Trump’s un-American border wall,” Conyers concluded.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Day 212 - Hillary's Leakers and Hackers

Manchester Bombing Stop #sethrich From Trending 

 Heather Podesta Connected To Seth Rich Doctor? 

 Scooter Libby Lending Library at National Archives Going WND 

I ask Andrew McCabe if we can work it out and stop harassing journalist

Looking For the Lost $7.7T shout out to Cynthia McKinney and Catherine Austin Fitts

 Vet Who Was on 22 MedStar Prescribes by VA Now Running For the Veterans Who Commit Suicide Per Day

Podesta Runs the Enforcement Network for Hillary Since Foster, FU Network Is Total Revenge, Even When Not an Enemy, SEIU Janitors Know How to Put a White Coat On For a Three Minute Pillow Snuff

 Look Who Else Lives On 19th Street Off Dupont Circle

 Made contact with Liz Crokin, Told Her About 22 Visits to the White House by Dr Savas his wife and six for him

 Dr. Sava I presume? Or is that Dr. Ateljevich?

All You Need is an Intern With a Laptop and a Blackberry From Anthony's Trusted Staff

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Monday, May 22, 2017

CONYERS: Clark Atlanta University to Award Four Honorary Degrees to Iconic Trailblazers

ATLANTA (May 17, 2017)    Clark Atlanta University will bestow four doctoral degrees honoris causa during the 2017 Commencement Convocation Monday, May 22, 8 a.m. at Panther Stadium, 735 Beckwith St. SW. “These four pioneers were selected carefully from the areas of civil and human rights, politics and STEM,” says Ronald A. Johnson, President of Clark Atlanta University. “Their rich legacy is to be honored and celebrated.”

Doctor of Laws Honoris Causa -  U.S. Rep. John Conyers (D-MI): Congressman Conyers represents Michigan’s 13th congressional district. Conyers is the longest serving member of the United States Congress, since 1965. He is the first African-American to hold the distinction as Dean. With more than 50 years of public service, Conyers has been the proponent of dozens of legislative bills including the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Violence Against Women Act of 1994. Conyers was the first to introduce the original Martin Luther King Holiday Act of 1983.

Doctor of Human Letters Honoris Causa – William Pickard, Ph.D.: Pickard began his entrepreneurial career as a McDonald’s franchisee more than 45 years ago. He is the chairman and CEO of VITEC and Global Automotive Alliance. In 1982 Pres. Ronald Reagan nominated, and Senate confirmed, Pickard as the first chairman of the African Development Foundation (ADF).

Doctor of Science Honoris Causa (in absentia) - Retired NASA Mathematician Katherine G. Johnson: Johnson made significant contributions to the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) program. During segregation Johnson defeated an oppressive work environment while calculating the trajectories, launch windows and return patterns for NASA’s space shuttle programs. Her career was one of the inspirations behind the box office film “Hidden Figures.”  “I loved learning at all times” says Johnson. “You’ll do better in life if you want to learn, want to teach, want to help others.”

Doctor of Laws Degree Honoris Causa  - Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr.: Rev. Jackson has made significant contributions to the Civil Rights movement and to America’s political and religious landscapes. In the 1980s Rev. Jackson fought twice for the Democratic presidential nomination. For his contributions to society, he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2000 from President Bill Clinton. Rev. Jackson is the founder and president of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition. Jackson champions an array of causes including civil rights, economic justice and peace. 

For more information on the 2017 Clark Atlanta University Commencement schedule

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Child Welfare Is The Extremely Profitable Industry Of Human Trafficking

For those who are just now popping in, we have a routine when it comes to children being legally kidnapped by Child Protective Services, so let's begin with the basics.

Repeat after me....

"You cannot audit God".

This statement is to mean that any 501c3, tax exempt, privatized, not-for-profit organization, which includes religious or anything dealing with children, are excluded and exempted from any form of external scrutiny, through self-reporting, for the purposes of maximizing revenue.

TRANSLATION:  Child welfare is the extremely profitable industry of human trafficking.

The following video is from 2013, but I post it for the purposes of demonstrating that the State of California, the rest of the nation, refuses to address what "lying" in a child welfare proceeding means.

It means fraudulent billing through the filing of false claims.

System of lies from Gina Silva on Vimeo.
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Day 211 - Hillary's Leakers and Hackers

Five IT Staffers Report Awan Server and "thin clients" - BlackBerry Sync Again? • 2016-04-18: Death of John Jones - Pushed in front of Train 

Trying to Get Patrick Sowers Contact Info For Interview

Talked With Pat Sowers of Woodbridge, VA, He's Mulling Four Camera Interview

Do You Have a Choice When History Calls on You?

Is This Journalism?

Frank Sowers Didn't Discover Data Pipe

Did Eric Scott Braverman Try the First Drop in Chelsea the Night of the Chelsea Bombing Before Trying a Second Drop With Craig Murray on Sept 23rd

Grass Roots Whisper Campaign in Congress

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Anthony Weiner Federal Court Filings Preserve Evidence On My Birthday

What is most striking to me in the federal case file of Anthony Weiner is the preservation of evidence.

Yes, the phone and computers are now in federal possession.

It's on.

And it was on my birthday.
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Day 210 - Hillary's Leakers and Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens

Seth Rich Timeline Will Be Key, Keep Citations Coming With Most Significant Paragraphs

 Craig Murray Drop at American University September 22nd, 2016

Paging Dr Eowyn and Dr. SAVA

Shawn Luce Met Seth Rich at Columbia Heights Metro Before Getting Beers and Syncing

Med star Trauma Center, Close to the Corner of Harvard and Georgia

 MedStar Has Two Moats, an 8FT Fence, a Gauntlet, and Gated Late Entry After Sundown.

MedStar Has Two Moats, an 8FT Fence, a Gauntlet, and Gated Late Entry After Sundown.

Unsubstantiated Early Reports Had Seth Rich Going to Wonderland Strip Bar After Lou's City Grill - I Am Just Collecting Location Data Here.

Epilogue to the CIA FU Ratline

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Day 209 - Hillary/s Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens

My Interrogation and Near Arrest at NSA, Ctaig Murray's Thumbdrives Handouts in May and September

 What do you do when the FBI is hiring Pakistani isi to spy on you? 

How the fentanyl cab works with the propofol interview

Silver spring, MD, FDA, and Doctor Testing

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Day 208 Bonus. Hillary's Hillarys, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens

Shawn Lucas Famous You Are Served Video at Democratic National Headquarters. 

 Debbie Wasserman Schultz Plays Spy With Anthony Weiner's Trusted Staff Configuring "Secure" Phones and Laptops 

 2133 NW First Ave in Northwest Washington DC 

 Ambulance Entrance at Howard University Hospital - Seth Rich's Rendezvous With Death 

 Correction - 2113 First Ave NW DC 

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Friday, May 19, 2017

Day 208 - Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens

When Parents Don't Act Like Parents, Police Don't Act Like Police, You Might Have a "School Play" 

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 Lou's City Bar Is a Nice Place, Lots of Sports Screens.

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Lee Stranahan's Citizen's Journalism School

The Last Night of Shawn Edward Lucas, the Unknown DNC Leaker With Seth Rich? He Served the DNC With Lawsuit - Dead One Month Later of Fentanyl Overdose

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

CONYERS & SCOTT Introduce Bill to Address Racial Inequities in Public Education

WASHINGTON – TODAY, Committee on Education and the Workforce Ranking Member Bobby Scott (VA-03) and Committee on the Judiciary Ranking Member John Conyers, Jr. (MI-13) introduced the Equity and Inclusion Enforcement Act (EIEA). This legislation would empower parents and communities to address – through robust enforcement – racial inequities, including inequities in access to educational resources, in public education.

Today marks the 63rd anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision in the Brown v. Board of Education case, which struck down lawful school segregation and affirmed that education was a right that “must be made available to all on equal terms.” Last year on the anniversary of Brown, Ranking Members Scott and Conyers unveiled the findings of a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report which found that our nation’s schools are, in fact, re-segregating by race and class.

Dean of the U.S. House
of Representatives
John Conyers, Jr.
“Though the Nation can celebrate the progress made over the course of the last 63 years after the Brown v. Board decision, we should acknowledge the long path ahead of us in the battle toward equal education,” said Ranking Member Conyers. “Last year’s GAO report confirmed our fears -- that many of our schools are re-segregating at alarming rates. On this landmark occasion, I’m proud to join Rep. Scott in introducing the Equity and Inclusion Enforcement Act, legislation that will help us on our path to providing equal educational opportunities for all students.”

On this anniversary of Brown, we are reminded that we have a long way to go to achieve educational equity for all students,” said Ranking Member Scott. “Last year’s GAO report confirmed that increasing segregation along the lines of race and poverty continue to be a driver for inequities in education. The Equity and Inclusion Enforcement Act provides parents and communities with the tools necessary to ensure all children have a chance to succeed, and moves us one step closer to fulfilling the promise of Brown.”

In 1964, Congress passed the Civil Rights Act, a decade after the Brown decision. Title VI of the Act mandates that federal dollars cannot subsidize or support programs or activities that discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national origin. The EIEA would:
  • restore a private right of action to file disparate impact claims under Title VI;
  • create Title VI monitors to ensure that every school has at least one employee to specifically carry out the responsibilities of the law; and
  • create an Assistant Secretary in the Department of Education to coordinate and promote Title VI enforcement of equity and inclusion in education.

Earlier today, a companion bill - the Rebuild America’s Schools Act of 2017 - was introduced to support new investments in school infrastructure to help level the playing field for students in under-resourced communities. 

Organizations supporting the EIEA: NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund (LDF), Southeast Asia Resource Action Center (SEARAC), the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, the Advancement Project, NAACP, and Teach Plus.

The Equity and Inclusion Enforcement Act (EIEA): Restoring Private Right of Action to Disparate Impact Clai... by Beverly Tran on Scribd

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