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If Fusion GPS Paid Journalists, How Much Did Mike Cernovich Make On Conyers?

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Perkins Coie & Mike Cernovich?
Just asking my #Superfans to check it out.
I wonder how much Mike Cernovich made when he gave those confidential Conyers files to Buzzfeed.

And if he is going to report his "earnings" to the IRS.

And when the federal investigation into how a journalist got a hold of confidential congressional documents when certain congressional committees did not have them on file.

Fusion GPS paid journalists, court papers confirm

Newly filed court documents confirm that Fusion GPS, the company mostly responsible for the controversial “Trump dossier” on presidential candidate Donald Trump, made payments to three journalists between June 2016 until February 2017.

The revelation could be a breakthrough for House Republicans, who are exploring whether Fusion GPS used the dossier, which was later criticized for having inaccurate information on Trump, to feed anti-Trump stories to the press during and after the presidential campaign. The three journalists who were paid by Fusion GPS are known to have reported on "Russia issues relevant to [the committee's] investigation," the House Intelligence Committee said in a court filing.

Fusion has asked the court to issue a restraining order against the House committee, which is demanding documents from the company that, among other things, explain the payments it made to reporters. Most of the documents sought are banking records.

One of the documents filed by the company this week was an affidavit from one of Fusion GPS’s co-founders, Peter Fritsch. That affidavit said, in part, “[The House Intelligence Committee] has also demanded records related to transactions between Fusion GPS and certain journalists — i.e., Request Nos. 66, 68-69, 107-112. Those requested records involve transactions that are not pertinent to work related to Russia or Donald Trump.”

The numbered “requests” correspond to a list of payments made by Fusion GPS being examined by the committee, which was also among the documents filed Tuesday, although the list was heavily redacted.

Fusion GPS didn't deny that some payments went to reporters, but argues that these payments were made to help the company with research.

“Fusion GPS is a research firm set up by former investigative journalists,” Fusion GPS’s lawyer, Josh Levy, said in a statement to the Washington Examiner. “As such, it sometimes works with contractors that have specialized skills seeking public information. Contractors are not permitted to publish any articles based on that work, and Fusion GPS does not pay journalists to write stories.”

Levy also dismissed the Republican idea that these payments were somehow aimed at or otherwise used to help get anti-Trump stories written by the press.

"This is simply another desperate attempt by the president’s political allies to discredit Fusion GPS's work and divert attention from the question these committees are supposed to be investigating: the Trump campaign's knowledge of Russian interference in the election," Levy said.

But House Republicans still have their doubts. One of the documents filed by lawyers for the House Intelligence Committee said each of the three reporters who received payments had written about the Russia probe, which could indicate that reporters were using Fusion GPS's work to write their stories.
But the recipients' names, the amounts, and purposes of those payments were either redacted from the documents that Fusion GPS filed to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia or were not disclosed.

“Additionally, the Committee seeks transactions related to three individual journalists, [names redacted], each of whom have reported on and/or been quoted in articles regarding topics related to the Committee's investigation, some of which were published as recently as October 2017," the committee wrote.

The meeting by Yahoo resulted in one of the first media reports based on the dossier, which specifically mentioned Trump adviser Carter Page. After seeing the latest court filings, Page heaped praise on the committee.

"While many politicians and bureaucrats in the U.S. Congress remain distracted by irrelevant sideshows such as the minuscule amounts of money spent on Facebook ads that no one paid attention to last year or how various perverted members might have once amused themselves, the determined leaders and hard working staff with the House Intelligence Committee have once again remained on the tip of the spear as they drive toward essential answers regarding the real government interference in the 2016 election," Page said in an email to the Washington Examiner.

Page currently has a defamation suit against the parent company of Yahoo for the article published in September of last year.

At least two people have accused Fusion GPS of running smear campaigns by planting stories in the media with friendly journalists. Bill Browder, who was instrumental in initiating and promoting passage of the Magnitsky Act through Congress, has made that accusation. The Magnitsky Act is essentially a sanctions bill against dozens of Russian oligarchs and limits their access to Western banks.

The dossier has become one of the central components of the investigations being carried out by the House and Senate Intelligence committees, as well as the Senate Judiciary Committee. Investigators are trying to determine how the dossier may have influence the intelligence agencies during the 2016 election.

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Detroit Free Press Wants Conyers To Resign

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When are those damn indictments coming down?
I truly wish these so-called editorial staffers would put their name on what they publish, unless it is Nolan Finley.

Nolan is scared of me for some reason.

I am only preserving the annals of history.

Someone has to do it because the Free Press is not.

Hurry up and pop your popcorn, this is about to be off the chain!!!!!

Editorial: U.S Rep. John Conyers must resign

His documented use of taxpayer dollars to bury allegations of sexual harassment goes too far.

John Conyers Jr. has a long and complicated legacy in southeast Michigan and the U.S. Congress. 
He has been an undisputed hero of the civil rights movement, a legislator of uncommon influence and power, and an aging icon whose felonious wife and sometimes-wandering pace have confounded his place in history.

But the revelations of Conyers’ alleged sexual harassment scandal and his documented use of taxpayer dollars to bury that scandal, in violation of congressional ethics rules, is less ambiguous.
It is the kind of behavior that can never be tolerated in a public official, much less an elected representative of the people.

And it means that whatever Conyers’ legacy will eventually be, his tenure as a member of Congress must end — now.

He should resign his position and allow the investigation into his behavior to unfold without the threat that it would render him, and the people he now represents, effectively voiceless.

A voice for equality

We reach this conclusion with an incredible amount of disappointment.

The word “hero” is invoked, without much hyperbole, around Conyers’ name, dating not only to his initial run for Congress in the mid-1960s, but to the stalwart civil rights activism in the 1950s and early 1960s that brought him to that point.

His career in Congress saw him play key roles in everything from voting rights and health care reform to the creation of the Martin Luther King Holiday. And even in recent years, when he has struggled with focus and the rigor of the job, he has remained a steadfast voice for social justice and equality. 

A problem in Congress

But even the most generous interpretation of the story revealed early this week is absolutely devastating to his ability to stay in Congress.

Monday night, the news site BuzzFeed reported a former Conyers staffer’s claims that she was fired after she rebuffed the congressman’s persistent sexual advances.

Those claims were made in sworn affidavits by the alleged victim and three other former staffers, all obtained by BuzzFeed.

In the current climate of revelations about powerful men abusing their positions and committing horrific acts of harassment, abuse or assault on women, those allegations should be enough to spur a dedicated congressional inquiry. Without a doubt, Congress has a real problem, and one that the American people deserve to see resolved. 

A dishonest arrangement

But Conyers’ situation gets worse — far, far worse.

After the alleged victim made a formal complaint through the U.S. Congress Office of Compliance, Conyers’ office endorsed an alternative route. If the woman dropped her complaint and signed a legal document attesting that Conyers had done no wrong, and if she agreed never to disparage him or make subsequent claims, she’d be re-hired as a temporary “no-show” employee and paid $27,111.75 over the course of three months. She accepted the terms.

Conyers’ office defended the arrangement Tuesday as a means to avoid "protracted litigation" and defended the sum as a “reasonable severance payment.” Conyers also continues to deny the woman’s claims.

But the House’s ethics rules are clear: A House member can’t retain an employee who isn’t performing work commensurate with the pay, and regardless, can’t give back pay for work that stretches further than a month.

It’s a rule Conyers has flouted before.

He continues to battle an ethics complaint alleging that he violated House rules by keeping a former chief of staff on payroll after she was fired; Conyers' lawyers contend that the representative's office has the right to pay severance to its employees at will. Nor is Conyers the only member of Congress who has  come under fire for paying what they've described as severance.

What makes this payment different? It looks an awful lot like hush money.
Litigation, contrary to Conyers' statement, wasn't a certain outcome. The staffer's complaint was made through the U.S. Congress Office of Compliance, a secretive body that settles, for congressional employees, the kind of employment law violations that other businesses might hash out in court.

Employees who bring claims through the compliance office are required to sign confidentiality agreements in order for a claim to proceed, a process that seems calculated to preclude the public accounting taxpayers, and voters, are owed. There's a special congressional office that works to resolve claims out of court. An employee determined to file a lawsuit has to go through months of counseling and mediation.

Over the last two decades, the office has paid $17 million to settle 264 complaints. Legislation introduced by U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier, Democrat of California, would require the office to change its operations, including naming each member who is involved in a claim.

That’s a reform worth pursuing.

But it’s also not the point with Conyers.

This agreement disrupted the accepted process to deal with claims against members of Congress, and leveraged taxpayer funds — without the oversight of the ethics apparatus of the body itself — to make this claim go away.

That’s not acceptable, on any level.

And it’s a betrayal that breaches the most fundamental trust that exists between a public servant and the people that person represents.

Even if Conyers could prove that he did not make inappropriate advances toward his former staffer, there’s no defense for having used dollars from his congressional office to “settle” a claim. That sort of thing happens in the private sector, yes. It should never, ever happen where public dollars (and public accountability) are concerned.

It’s impossible to know how frequently this happens in Congress. Conyers’ spokesperson said the House General Counsel’s office signed off on the agreement. But even if this deceptive practice has become commonplace, the Dean of the House should know better. 

 A public betrayal

John Conyers Jr. must go — after 53 years in Congress, after a stellar career of fighting for equality, after contributing so much to southeast Michigan and the nation.

It’s a tragic end to his public career. But it’s the appropriate consequence for the stunning subterfuge his office has indulged here, and a needed warning to other members of Congress that this can never be tolerated. 

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What Do Trump & Conyers Have In Common?

Twisted Positions | Twist it up. Turn it around. Shift ...
Me eating my popcorn.
I will give you a hint:

Perkins Coie Sucks.

Stay tuned, the show is just about to start.

Dem calls for Conyers to give up top committee post

Another accusation surfaced Tuesday evening.

As first reported by Buzzfeed News, a former staffer sued Conyers in March, alleging sexual harassment in a complaint she withdrew after a federal court refused her request to seal the records to protect the congressman’s public reputation.

The woman alleged repeated and escalating harassment by the 88-year-old after she began working in his office as a scheduler in July 2015, saying she had been given extra responsibilities because of his “age and failing mental capacities.”

By the summer of 2016, Conyers was harassing her daily, she said in the complaint, accusing him of rubbing her shoulders, kissing her forehead and covering or attempting to hold her hand.

The Detroit News is not publishing the woman’s name due to the nature of her claims and decision to withdraw the suit. She did not return voicemails left on the phone number she listed in court records.
Buzzfeed previously published notarized affidavits from three other staffers dated 2014. The affidavits describe Conyers making advances toward female staffers that included requests for sexual favors, caressing their hands in a “sexually suggestive” way, and rubbing their legs and backs in an inappropriate manner while in the office or in public.

Conyers settled a complaint by one of the former staffers in 2015, denying her allegations but paying her through his Member’s Representational Allowance, a taxpayer-funded account that is supposed to be used for office operations.

Conyers put the former staffer back on his payroll in mid-2015, paying her $27,111.74 between June 16 and Sept. 15, according to salary data compiled by the website Legistorm.

“It never came through our committee,” Miller said. “He did it out of the normal channels. He paid for it through his budget.”

U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis, a Florida Republican, said Wednesday he is preparing legislation to unseal congressional settlement records, bar use of taxpayer dollars to pay claims and prohibit members from using office budgets to camouflage payments, calling the latter “a Conyers rule.”

“Members of Congress cannot be allowed to use the American people’s money as a personal slushfund to cover wrongdoing,” DeSantis wrote on Twitter.

The House Ethics Committee said Tuesday it will probe allegations that Conyers sexually harassed his employees, discriminated against staffers based on age or used official resources for “impermissible” personal use.

Several Michigan Democrats had called for the House investigation, and Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Brandon Dillon called the allegations “incredibly serious and disheartening.”

Conyers confirmed Tuesday that his office reached a financial settlement with a former staffer but denied accusations of sexual misconduct.

“In this case, I expressly and vehemently denied the allegations made against me, and continue to do so,” Conyers said in a statement.

His office settled the complaint “in order to save all involved from the rigors of protracted litigation,” he said, calling the $27,111.74 expense “an amount that equated to a reasonable severance payment.”
Asked about the 2017 lawsuit filed by his former scheduler, a Conyers spokeswoman simply noted the accuser “voluntarily decided to drop the case.”

The withdrawn complaint alleges a long-running series of inappropriate actions by Conyers, including harassment during a car ride to and at a White House event in April 2016. The woman said he urged her to “come home with him” and continued “to touch her against her wishes the entire evening.”

In one instance, the woman said, she was able to use a camera phone on her office desk “to catch some of these events on tape.”

The woman had asked the court to seal her complaint “to protect the reputation of the high profile person” she was suing. She withdrew the suit after Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly refused her request to shield court records from the public.

In her initial complaint, the woman said she had “extreme admiration and respect” for Conyers’ legislative work “as a Civil Rights icon.”

Separate records identify the woman as a possible relative of Cynthia Martin, Conyers’ former chief of staff whose tenure ended in controversy. The News was not able to reach either woman to discuss their connection.

The House Ethics Committee is already investigating whether Conyers authorized Martin to be paid for four months in 2016 — from April 20 to Aug. 25 — when she may not have done any official work.

Martin had pleaded guilty in April 2016 to a misdemeanor charge of receiving stolen property after initially refusing to return $16,500 mistakenly transferred into her Congressional Federal Credit Union bank account. Martin agreed to pay $13,000 restitution, according to court records.

The withdrawn complaint from Conyers’ former scheduler alleged sexual harassment, a hostile work environment, retaliation and wrongful termination, and reckless infliction of emotional distress.

The woman claimed Conyers’ wife, former Detroit City Council President Monica Conyers, called her a “whore” when she was hired and pushed staff to fire the woman after she did not provide a medical certificate when requesting medical leave in July of 2016.

The complaint referred to Monica Conyers as a “known brawler” and said the staffer felt threatened anytime the congresswoman’s wife was in Washington D.C. The woman allegedly told a colleague the situation was a “time bomb waiting to happen.”

Monica Conyers, who spent time in federal prison for bribery, filed for divorce in late 2015. The complaint suggests the congressman’s decision to hire the scheduler was a “partial cause.” John and Monica Conyers later reconciled and remain married.

The woman who filed the complaint said she has known Conyers since 2006. She previously worked in his campaign office, traveled with him to campaign events and worked as a House Judiciary staffer at his “behest” from 1997 to 1998.

She said Conyers did not “make an inappropriate advances or touch” her inappropriately until she worked in his office.

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A Funny $29 Million Thing Happened In Court Today

Image may contain: people sitting and indoor
Michigan Court of Claims
Funny thing happened in court today.

I had to go to Mason, Michigan to the Ingham Court of Claims in front of Judge Collette as Bill Schuette, Michigan Attorney General, brought forth an action in quo warranto to dissolve my company, Detroit Land Bank Authority, LLC.

Bill Schuette, Detroit Land Bank Authority, U.S. Department of Defense & Fraud: Part I

As the law goes, an individual cannot represent a corporation in a court of law.

I had no attorney to represent my case.

I knew it my company was going to be dissolved on procedurals, but I decided that it was more important to preserve the public record, the annals of history.

I had the grand opportunity to watch oral arguments from an attorney who was trying to get his client out of a judgment for attorney fees.

Judge Collette was quite the character, impressing me in how he fashionably scolded the attorney on the judgment.

Then, before the other attorneys had put on their suit coats and packed up their cases, the Judge called my case.

He let the Assistant Attorney General from Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) speak, about 30 seconds, then allowed me.

I made the point that LARA had statutory powers to dissolve but only brought this case to court for judgment in my federal false claims case.

I raised the issue that this was a court of equity and not administrative decisions, when, abruptly I was cut off.

The Judge made the following statement:

"You know you have caused a lot of people have a lot of problems."

He went on to say, "I do not appreciate being scamed to make money someplace else."

The Assistant Attorney General deemed me to be a public nuisance, but I have to wait and see if it is in the Order.

Oddly enough, there was on ruling on my counterclaim, there was no declaration that the case was adjourned, dismissed, nothing but a vaccuum of silence when the Judge swiftly left the bench and the Assitant Attorney General whisked himself out the court.

You could tell they did not want to be in that courtroom.

I stood in shock, not understanding what was going on.

The strangest thing of all of this was everyone was really nice, repectfully nice.

It made me feel uncomfortably weird as I am so accustomed to people being mean to me.

Then, I came home, checked the news, and everything became crystal clear, making perfect sense of why a funny thing happened in the court, today.

Detroit demolition official involved in 2012 tax case

The Detroit Land Bank Authority's interim demolition director -- tapped in August after the previous director resigned -- was in 2012 permanently barred from promoting a tax fraud scheme that resulted in the conviction of two others, the Free Press has learned.

Tammy Daniels consented to the federal civil court order, but she did not admit allegations against her. She was not charged criminally.

The scheme involved the preparation of tax returns that reported bogus income in order to receive large false refunds. The refund checks were to be issued in "C/O Attorney Tammy Daniels," according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

The Land Bank previously reviewed Daniels' involvement in the scheme and concluded it was not a problem.

Saskia Thompson, executive director of the Detroit Land Bank Authority, said Daniels "has been, and continues to be, an important member of the DLBA (Detroit Land Bank Authority) team."

"We reviewed all of the documentation months ago, concerning the issues raised over five years ago, and our board concluded that Ms. Daniels had done nothing wrong," Thompson said in a statement to the Free Press. "This conclusion was based on the facts that the federal government filed no charges against her, and the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission found no cause to take any action against her. The DLBA is fully confident in Ms. Daniels' ability to continue to carry out her duties in an effective and ethical manner."

I have yet to come to a conclusion to as whether the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission is dirty or just stupid.

The Land Bank's demolition department has seen a handful of high-ranking officials depart since federal authorities launched a criminal investigation last year into the city's demolition program. The Land Bank helps run the program by facilitating payments to contractors from the city's allocation of more than $250 million in federal funds for demolition.

The Land Bank hired Daniels as a staff attorney in 2015. She was named deputy general counsel in July 2015. Her salary is $124,800.

Daniels' co-defendants in the civil case, Damian and Holly Jackson, ended up pleading guilty in 2015 to one count each in a criminal case related to the tax scheme.

Daniels met Jackson in 2009 and signed a retainer agreement with his company, Diamond & Associates Enterprises in January 2010, according to court records.

Diamond Tax Services, which operated through Diamond & Associates, sought over $29 million in fraudulent tax refunds for at least 182 customers, according to a Justice Department news release in 2012. Most, if not all, of the refunds were sought in 2010.

Daniels did not prepare the fraudulent tax returns, but she lent her name for the scheme's promotional materials and received a 2.5% cut of three improper refunds, an amount equal to $2,218.

"Daniels and Jackson knew that including an attorney's name gave the promotion credibility, and Daniels admits that on one occasion, because her name was included in the materials, she was asked for her opinion about the arrangement and told a customer or potential customer that it was legitimate," an attorney for the Justice Department's tax division wrote in a filing seeking the civil injunction against Daniels.

NOTE:  Per the Order of the Court, I am making a public declaration that the Detroit Land Bank Authority, LLC is officially dissolved and that I have no affiliation with such entity.

That made me all warm and fuzzy because it looks like it is all going down.

Stay tuned, it is not what you think it is.

Federal Court Permanently Bars Michigan Lawyer from Promoting Alleged Tax Fraud Scheme

Farmington Hills, Mich., Woman Allegedly Involvedwith Scheme Claiming Fraudulent Income Tax Refunds

A federal court has permanently barred a Michigan lawyer, Tammy Daniels of Farmington Hills, from promoting an alleged tax fraud scheme, the Justice Department announced today. The civil injunction order, to which Daniels consented without admitting the allegations against her, was signed by Judge Paul D. Borman of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. In August the court enjoined Daniels’s co-defendants, Damian and Holly Jackson, from preparing federal tax returns for others and promoting the scheme.

The government complaint in the civil injunction lawsuit alleged that the Jacksons and their business, Diamond & Associates Enterprises LLC, operated Diamond Tax Services and promoted a scheme involving the preparation of fraudulent federal income tax returns for customers seeking large tax refunds based on a frivolous tax-defier theory called “redemption” or “commercial redemption.” The suit alleged that tax returns prepared for at least 182 customers under the auspices of Diamond Tax Services sought over $29 million in fraudulent refunds by falsely reporting large amounts of tax withheld on bogus Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 1099 Forms.

While most such frivolous refund claims are intercepted by the IRS before refunds are issued, the complaint alleged that the defendants’ scheme caused the IRS to issue at least $1.6 million in erroneous refunds to defendants’ customers. The suit further alleged that tax returns that Damian and Holly Jackson prepared requested the IRS to issue the refunds to their customers “C/O Attorney Tammy Daniels,” that Daniels negotiated the refund check if one was issued, and that the Jacksons and Daniels took a 10 percent cut of any refund issued by the IRS.

Return-preparer fraud and false claims for refund using fake information returns, such as Form 1099, are among the IRS’s“Dirty Dozen” tax scams for 2012.

In the past decade the Justice Department’s Tax Division has obtained injunctions against hundreds of tax-return preparers and tax-fraud promoters.

Information about these cases is available on the Justice Department website .

Related Documents:

United States v. Damian Jackson, et al

Oh my goodness, I believe we have figured out the scam for the Detroit Land Bank Authority cashing checks and it was not just through Title Source, Inc.

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Day 33.6. Tough Guys Love Dogs To.

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Day 33.5. Laptops to Sugar Packets. Ore to Yellowcake.

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Day 33.4. Lambert vs Campbell.

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Day 33.3. If Chagoury is at Urenco, Uranium is 1, Weapons are 2, and 3 is ...

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Day 33.2. Sloan Wins Pro Se at the Supreme Court

Oh looky, a pro se case precedent in false claims.

I will pull and post the SCOTUS opinion soon.

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Woman filed, then dropped, lawsuit against Conyers for harassment in 2017

Dean of the U.S. House
of Representatives
John Conyers, Jr.
Washington (CNN)Another former staffer alleged that Michigan Democratic Rep. John Conyers sexually harassed her, according to court documents filed in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia in March 2017 and obtained by CNN.

The lawsuit, which the woman later dropped after an unsuccessful attempt to seal it, was first reported by BuzzFeed News.

The woman said she has known Conyers since 2006, but alleges the incidents occurred in 2015 and 2016.

CNN is not naming the woman, and she has not responded to multiple requests for comment. There was no lawyer listed for the woman in the suit.

Asked whether Conyers denied the claims in the 2017 suit, a spokesperson for Conyers said: "The former staffer voluntarily decided to drop the case."

The revelation of an additional accuser comes the same day the House Ethics Committee announced it would investigate Conyers after reports that he settled a separate wrongful dismissal complaint in 2015 after allegedly sexually harassing a staffer.

In that instance, Conyers did not dispute the existence of settlement or payments, but "expressly and vehemently" denied any wrongdoing.

According to the court documents obtained by CNN, Conyers' former staffer complained of "sexual harassment and a hostile work environment perpetrated against her" by Conyers' office. Her allegations include, according to the suit, Conyers "repeatedly coming to her desk, rubbing on her shoulders, kissing her forehead, making inappropriate comments, covering and attempting to hold her hand."

The woman said she made repeated complaints about the advances to Conyers' chief of staff, who subsequently directed her to make a list.

"These advances occurred every occasion defendant Conyers was in the Washington, DC, offices and were so numerous and occurred so frequently that the plaintiff was unable to maintain this list due (to) the extreme amount of time it would require to adequately chronicle these advances and behaviors and manage her workload," the suit states.

She also says she made efforts to stop the harassment, including in March 2016 asking a male congressional staffer who she says she previously dated to "be her 'fake boyfriend' and to make regular stops by the office" hoping to dissuade the lawmaker.

The woman alleges that Conyers' harassment grew worse and that she "attempted to minimize interaction with him" because she feared that he would make comments and sexual advances towards her.

In April 2016, the woman went to the Office of Compliance to obtain counseling. Several days later, she says, Conyers repeatedly made inappropriate comments toward her, attempted to hold her hand and asked her to come home with him when they shared a car ride to a White House event.

In the court documents, she said Conyers' behavior caused her "severe anxiety and chest pains" and that after consulting with a physician, she made the decision to take medical leave. However, when Conyers' chief of staff, Raymond Plowden, also listed as a defendant, required medical documentation to justify her sick leave, she refused citing an "atmosphere of mistrust."

The office then terminated her position, according to the court documents.

The woman had been seeking $34,500 in lost wages, $5,500 in lost benefits, $15,000 for mental anguish and emotional distress and $50,000 in punitive damages, because she alleged that "defendant Conyers is a habitual, repeated offender."

The new allegations against Conyers, the longest-serving active member of the House of Representatives, come as there has been a torrent of attention on sexual harassment and misconduct on Capitol Hill, by both members and staffers.

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Day 33.1. Four Stages Of Uranium One - Three Double Crosses

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

CONYERS Has Second Staffer Accuse Sexual Harassment

I bet that other woman is the sister of Cynthia Martin.

I bet she would be stressed being faced with charges of treason in the family, but hey, what do I know.

Oh, and Perkins Coie still sucks.

Stay tuned, on a mission...

There's Another W
Dean of the U.S. House
of Representatives
John Conyers, Jr.
oman Who Accused Rep. John Conyers of Sexual Harassment

Less than 24 hours after a report that Rep. John Conyers reached a settlement with a staffer who said she was fired from his office after rejecting his sexual advances, another sexual harassment allegation has come to light.

A former staffer who worked as a scheduler in Conyers’ office tried to file a lawsuit against him, his Chief of Staff Ray Plowden, and his district director Yolanda Lipsey, alleging Conyers repeatedly tried to make sexual overtures towards her, which perpetrated a hostile work environment, Buzzfeed reports. The staffer, who was not publicly revealed in the article, tried to file a sealed lawsuit, but the court would not let the complaint stay sealed, so she stopped the effort, according to Buzzfeed.

Buzzfeed obtained and published the court documents, which were filed in DC District Court in March. The documents allege that Conyers hired the former staffer in July 2015. Four months later — after his wife had filed for divorce, which she partially attributed to her husband’s decision to hire the staffer — she alleges that she began to notice “random comments and lingering touches,”but thought they were innocuous. They continued, she said, and she told the Chief of Staff twice, who ultimately told her to start documenting them. However, she alleges, they were occurring too frequently for her to document them every time. That April, she requested formal counseling from the Office of Compliance.

“From May 2016 until July 2016, Defendant Conyers continued to, repeatedly and daily, harass both physically and emotionally and inappropriately touch the plaintiff by rubbing on her shoulders, kissing her forehead, covering and attempting to hold her hand, suggesting that she come to Detroit, causing the plaintiff severe anxiety and chest pains”

She ultimately decided to go on medical leave because of the stress, and alleges that a staffer stole documents that included a resignation letter and forwarded them to Plowden, the Chief of Staff. She was ultimately terminated.

A spokesperson for Conyers told TIME“the former staffer voluntarily decided to drop the case.”


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CONYERS Under New Ethics Committee Investigation

Trump Overseas, What Could Go Wrong??Boy, oh boy...

I wonder what Cynthia Martin has to say.

This is about to get really, really juicy.

Much, much more to come.

On a mission...


Ethics Committee Opens Investigation Into Top Democrat Who Paid Off Sexual Harassment Accuser

The House Ethics Committee has opened an investigation into Michigan Democrat Rep. John Conyers, after it was revealed Monday that Conyers paid a former employee more than $27,000 in taxpayer funding after allegedly firing her for refusing his sexual advances.

Sworn affidavits signed by former Conyers staffers portray him as a serial sexual predator who preyed on young, vulnerable female staffers. Conyers confirmed the settlement on Tuesday but denied any wrongdoing.

(RELATED: REVEALED: Top Democrat Paid Off Sexual Harassment Accuser With $27K In Taxpayer Money)

“The Committee is aware of public allegations that Representative John Conyers, Jr. may have engaged in sexual harassment of his staff, discriminated against certain staff on the basis of age, and used official resources for impermissible personal purposes,” the committee said in a statement Tuesday afternoon. The statement adds that the committee “has begun an investigation and will gather additional information regarding these allegations.”

Conyers regularly made sexual advances on female staffers and would ask them for sexual favors, according to the affidavits signed by his former staffers. “Rep. Conyers strongly postulated that the performing of personal service or favors would be looked upon favorably and lead to salary increases or promotions,” one former employee said in an affidavit.

BuzzFeed News first reported the bombshell allegations and accompanying settlement on Monday after right-wing blogger Mike Cernovich provided the website with the documents.
Conyrers also allegedly abused taxpayer funds to shuttle in women with whom he had sexual relationships.

“One of my duties while working for Rep. Conyers was to keep a list of women that I assumed he was having affairs with and call them at his request and, if necessary, have them flown in using Congressional resources,” one former Conyers stated in an affidavit. Another staffer told BuzzFeed that Conyers used taxpayer funds to fly women into see him.

House Democrats had called for an investigation into Conyers, the longest-serving member of Congress, but stopped short of calling on him to resign.

Their reaction is similar to Senate Democrats’ call for a Senate Ethics Committee investigation into Minnesota Sen. Al Franken, after multiple women came forward saying the Democratic senator had groped them. Franken asked for an ethics committee investigation into himself, but declined to resign.

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CONYERS Statement On Buzzfeed Article And The Release Of Confidential Congressional Documents

According to a spokesperson for Congressman Conyers: 

“The Associated Press made an unannounced visit to the home of Congressman Conyers this morning.  Congressman Conyers was under the impression the reporter was speaking of recent allegations of which he was unaware of and denied.” 

The following is a statement from Representative Conyers regarding the Buzzfeed article:

Dean of the U.S. House
of Representatives
John Conyers, Jr.
“I have long been and continue to be a fierce advocate for equality in the workplace and I fully support the rights of employees who believe they have been harassed or discriminated against to assert claims against their employers. 

 That said, it is important to recognize that the mere making of an allegation does not mean it is true. The process must be fair to both the employee and the accused. The current media environment is bringing a much-needed focus to the important issue of preventing harassment in workplaces across the country. 

 However, equally important to keep in mind in this particular moment is the principle of due process and that those accused of wrongdoing are presumed innocent unless and until an investigation establishes otherwise. 

 In our country, we strive to honor this fundamental principle that all are entitled to due process. In this case, I expressly and vehemently denied the allegations made against me, and continue to do so. My office resolved the allegations – with an express denial of liability – in order to save all involved from the rigors of protracted litigation. That should not be lost in the narrative. 

 The resolution was not for millions of dollars, but rather for an amount that equated to a reasonable severance payment. 

 There are statutory requirements of confidentiality that apply to both the employee and me regarding this matter. 

 To the extent the House determines to look further at these issues, I will fully cooperate with an investigation.”

NOTE:  On November 19, 2017, there was a hack on the U.S. Judiciary Democrats website. 

Mike Cernovich, the source for the Buzzfeed article, has yet to disclose how he came to be in possession of confidential documents of congress.

The matter is being further investigated.

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State Of The Children: Families & Childrens Justice Black Tie Affair At Charles H. Wright Museum, 12-08-2017

On December 8, 2017, from 7:00 p.m. until 12:00, midnight, Debbie Williams of Families & Childrens Justice will be holding a Black & White Tie Affair, entitled, "State of the Children" at the Charles H. Wright Museum, 315 Warren St., Detroit, Michigan, 48201.

Speakers include:

David Gelios, FBI Special Agent In Charge, Detroit
Child Trafficking & The Opioid Crisis

Mamie King-Chalmers. Children's Crusade, Civil Rights Movement, 1963

Edith Lee-Payne, Poster Child For Martin Luther King, Jr. "I Have A Dream" Speech,

Connie Reguli, Attorney at Law of Family Forward Project, Tennessee

And me. 

And I will be introducing my book, and perhaps, a bit more...

Stay tuned...

On a mission...

Trademark information for CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN ...

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CONYERS: Espionage, Fraud & Lies - Epic Secrets Behind An Epic Investigation

While sexual harassment in the workplace is a repulsive, arcane social norm that needs to seriously be addressed, so is the rampant fraud and public corruption that takes place in the Congress, the States, County and City governments.

Consider this an introduction because there is much, much more to this story.

So, sit back, relax, and let the dirt come out, because it is not going to be what you think.

The back story is going to be of epic proportions.

You can read the book when I am done.

Chapter One.  It begins.

She Said That A Powerful Congressman Harassed Her. 

Here’s Why You Didn’t Hear Her Story.

Dean of the U.S. House
of Representatives
John Conyers, Jr.
“When you make private settlements, it doesn’t warn the next woman or the next person going into that situation.”

Michigan Rep. John Conyers, a Democrat and the longest-serving member of the House of Representatives, settled a wrongful dismissal complaint in 2015 with a former employee who alleged she was fired because she would not “succumb to [his] sexual advances.”

Documents from the complaint obtained by BuzzFeed News include four signed affidavits, three of which are notarized, from former staff members who allege that Conyers, the ranking Democrat on the powerful House Judiciary Committee, repeatedly made sexual advances to female staff that included requests for sexual favors, contacting and transporting other women with whom they believed Conyers was having affairs, caressing their hands sexually, and rubbing their legs and backs in public. Four people involved with the case verified the documents are authentic.

And the documents also reveal the secret mechanism by which Congress has kept an unknown number of sexual harassment allegations secret: A grinding, closely held process that left the alleged victim feeling, she told BuzzFeed News, that she had no option other than to stay quiet and accept a settlement offered to her.

“I was basically blackballed. There was nowhere I could go,” she said in a phone interview. BuzzFeed News is withholding the woman’s name at her request, because she said she fears retribution.

Last week the Washington Post reported that the office paid out $17 million for 264 settlements with federal employees over 20 years for various violations, including sexual harassment. The Conyers documents, however, give a glimpse into the inner workings of the Office of Compliance, which has for decades concealed episodes of sexual abuse by powerful political figures.

“I was basically blackballed. There was nowhere I could go."

The woman who settled with Conyers launched the complaint in 2014 with Congress’s Office of Compliance alleging that she was fired for refusing his sexual advances and ended up facing a daunting process that ended with a confidentiality agreement in exchange for a settlement of more than $27,000. Her settlement, however, came from Conyers’ office budget rather than the designated fund for settlements.

Congress has no human resources department. Instead, congressional employees have 180 days to report a sexual harassment incident to the Office of Compliance, which then leads to a lengthy process involves counseling, mediation, and requires the signing of a confidentiality agreement before a complaint can go forward.

After this, an employee can choose to take the matter to federal district court, but another avenue is available: an administrative hearing, after which a negotiation and settlement may follow.
Some members of Congress have raised major concerns with the current system over the years, but the calls for an overhaul have grown louder in the post-Weinstein era. Members have argued that 90 days is too long to make a person continue working in the same environment with their harasser; that interns and fellows should be eligible to pursue complaints through this process; and that it is unfair for a victim to have to pay for legal representation while the office of the harasser is represented for free by the House's counsel.

In this case, one of Conyers’ former employees was offered a settlement, in exchange for her silence, that would be paid out of Conyers’ taxpayer-funded office budget. His office would “rehire” the woman as a “temporary employee” despite her being directed not to come into the office or do any actual work, according to the document. The complainant would receive a total payment of $27,111.75 over the three months, after which point she would be removed from the payroll, according to the document.
The draft agreement, below, viewed by BuzzFeed News was unsigned, but congressional employment records match the timing and amounts outlined in the document. The woman left the office and never went public with her story.

The process was “disgusting,” said Matthew Peterson, who worked as a law clerk representing the complainant, and who listed as a signatory to some of the documents.

“It is a designed cover-up,” said Peterson, who declined to discuss details of the case but agreed to characterize it in general terms. “You feel like they were betrayed by their government just for coming forward. It’s like being abused twice.”

Other lawyers named as representing the accuser could not be reached for comment. The Office of Compliance did not confirm or deny that they had dealt with the case.
“You feel like they were betrayed by their government just for coming forward. It’s like being abused twice.”
“Pursuant to the Congressional Accountability Act, the OOC cannot comment on whether matters have or have not been filed with the office,” Laura Cech, publications and outreach manager of the Office of Compliance, told BuzzFeed News in an email when asked to comment on this case.

Two staffers alleged in their signed affidavits that Conyers used congressional resources to fly in women they believed he was having affairs with. Another said she was tasked with driving women to and from Conyers’ apartment and hotel rooms.

Rep. Conyers did not admit fault as part of the settlement. His office did not respond to multiple requests for comment on Monday.

The documents were first provided to BuzzFeed News by Mike Cernovich, the men's rights figure turned pro-Trump media activist who propagated a number of false conspiracy theories including the “Pizzagate” conspiracy. Cernovich said he gave the documents to BuzzFeed News for vetting and further reporting, and because he said if he published them himself, Democrats and congressional leaders would “try to discredit the story by attacking the messenger.” He provided them without conditions. BuzzFeed News independently confirmed the authenticity of the documents with four people directly involved with the case, including the accuser.

In her complaint, the former employee said Conyers repeatedly asked her for sexual favors and often asked her to join him in a hotel room. On one occasion, she alleges that Conyers asked her to work out of his room for the evening, but when she arrived the congressman started talking about his sexual desires. She alleged he then told her she needed to “touch it,” in reference to his penis, or find him a woman who would meet his sexual demands.

She alleged Conyers made her work nights, evenings, and holidays to keep him company.
In another incident, the former employee alleged the congressman insisted she stay in his room while they traveled together for a fundraising event. When she told him that she would not stay with him, she alleged he told her to “just cuddle up with me and caress me before you go.”

“Rep. Conyers strongly postulated that the performing of personal service or favors would be looked upon favorably and lead to salary increases or promotions,” the former employee said in the documents.

Three other staff members provided affidavits submitted to the Office Of Compliance that outlined a pattern of behavior from Conyers that included touching the woman in a sexual manner and growing angry when she brought her husband around.

One affidavit from a former female employee states that she was tasked with flying in women for the congressman. “One of my duties while working for Rep. Conyers was to keep a list of women that I assumed he was having affairs with and call them at his request and, if necessary, have them flown in using Congressional resources,” said her affidavit.

(A second staffer alleged in an interview that Conyers used taxpayer resources to fly women to him.)

The employee said in her affidavit that Conyers also made sexual advances toward her: “I was driving the Congressman in my personal car and was resting my hand on the stick shift. Rep. Conyers reached over and began to caress my hand in a sexual manner.”

The woman said she told Conyers she was married and not interested in pursuing a sexual relationship, according to the affidavit. She said she was told many times by constituents that it was well-known that Conyers had sexual relationships with his staff, and said she and other female staffers felt this undermined their credibility.

“I am personally aware of several women who have experienced the same or similar sexual advances made towards them by Rep[.] John Conyers,” she said in her affidavit.

A male employee wrote that he witnessed Rep. Conyers rub the legs and other body parts of the complainant “in what appeared to be a sexual manner” and saw the congressman rub and touch other women “in an inappropriate manner.” The employee said he confronted Conyers about this behavior.

“Rep. Conyers said he needed to be ‘more careful’ because bad publicity would not be helpful as he runs for re-election. He ended the conversation with me by saying he would ‘work on’ his behavior,” the male staffer said in his affidavit.
“I don’t think any allegations should be buried...and that’s for anyone, not just for this particular office".

The male employee said that in 2011 Conyers complained a female staffer was “too old” and said he wanted to let her go.

The employee said he set up a meeting in December 2011 to discuss “mistreatment of staff and his misuse of federal resources.”

The affidavit says that Conyers “agreed that he would work on making improvements as long as I worked directly with him and stopped writing memos and emails about concerns.”

Another female employee also attested that she witnessed Conyer’s advances, and said she was asked to transport women to him. “I was asked on multiple occasions to pick up women and bring them to Mr. Conyers[‘] apartment, hotel rooms, etc.”

BuzzFeed News reached out to several former Conyers staffers, all of whom did not want to speak on the record. One former staffer, who did not want to be named, said she was frustrated by the secretive complaint process.

“I don’t think any allegations should be buried...and that’s for anyone, not just for this particular office, because it doesn’t really allow other people to see who these individuals are,” said the former staffer. “When you make private settlements, it doesn’t warn the next woman or the next person going into that situation.”

Another staffer said that Conyers’ reputation made people fearful to speak out against him.

Aside from being the longest-serving House member and the ranking member of a powerful committee, Conyers is a civil rights icon. He was lauded by Martin Luther King Jr. and is a founding member of the Congressional Black Caucus.

“Your story won’t do shit to him,” said the staffer. “He’s untouchable.”

In a statement to BuzzFeed News, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said she was not aware of the settlement.

“The current process includes the signing of non-disclosure agreements by the parties involved. Congresswoman Jackie Speier has introduced legislation that will provide much-needed transparency on these agreements and make other critical reforms,” Pelosi said in the statement. “I strongly support her efforts.”

A spokesperson for John Boehner, who was the speaker of the House when the settlement was made, did not respond to a BuzzFeed News request for comment on Monday.

The documents also show that there was a belief among at least some staffers that the office was a jealous environment. Some of the documents allege Conyers offered his protection when staff would complain to him about management in the office.
California Democrat Rep. Speier and colleagues in the House and Senate have introduced legislation that would overhaul the complaint process, including requiring OOC to publicly name the office of any member who enters into a settlement.

The bill would also allow complainants to waive mediation and counseling, set up a victims' counsel, and require all congressional offices to go through harassment training every year.

Conyers’ office has a history of ethical run-ins. In 2016, his former chief of staff Cynthia Martin pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property after she refused to reimburse $16,500 that was mistakenly deposited in her account.

preliminary investigation by the Office of Congressional Ethics found that Conyers continued to pay Martin more than $13,000 per month when she was supposedly on unpaid leave.

In 2006, two former aides complained that Conyers made them babysit his children, run errands, and work on his reelection campaign while drawing their congressional salaries. There was also a bizarre incident in 2005 when 60 Thanksgiving turkeys, given to his staff to disperse to people, may have gone missing.

Conyers’ wife, former Detroit city councilor Monica Conyers, was sentenced to three years in prison over bribery charges in 2010. (One of the documents alleged Conyers began “aggressively acting out his sexual harassment behavior” following this.) Last year the couple renewed their vows
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Monday, November 20, 2017

There Must Always Be A Plan: Dismantling The Peculiar Institution Of Privatization

Health Department Wants Fetal Remains Buried, Cremated: State officials waste no time in ...
Stop stealing & selling our children!
There must always be a plan.

Instead of pitchforks and torches, which are so passe, law enforcement implements well constructed plans.

As I recall, one of the first initiatives in the 2008 Obama Administration, was to change, conjuctions, in INTERPOL law, to get them where it hurts, in the wallets.

Even though it has been a long and arduous journey, 16 years later it seems my mission is about to be executed, methodically, structurally, on an international platform.

It is time to end fraud.

It is time to stop trafficking children, as capital, for investment purposes and personal, financial benefit.

It is time to finally dismantle the peculiar institution which is now called privatization.

Much love to my #Superfans.

Take them out.

Get 'em all.

Every single charity, foundation, non-profit, NGO & corporation that profits from children.

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