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DOJ Busts Detroit Public Schools Kiddy Kickback Racket

Shout out to Barbara McQuade:

You go, girl!!!!!!

Detroit Businesswoman Convicted of Defrauding the Detroit Public Schools 
A federal jury in Detroit returned guilty verdicts yesterday against a Detroit businesswoman for conspiracy to defraud the Detroit Public Schools (DPS) of $3.3 million and money laundering conspiracy, announced United States Attorney Barbara McQuade.
Ms. McQuade was joined in the announcement by Special Agent in Charge Andrew G. Arena, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Special Agent in Charge Erick Martinez, Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation.
Found guilty was Sherry Washington, 54, a partner in an entity doing business as “Associates For Learning.” The jury deliberated for about one hour and 20 minutes before returning the guilty verdicts after a two-week jury trial conducted before United States District Judge Paul D. Borman.
“These defendants exploited the Detroit Public Schools system and essentially stole $3 million that could have been spent on school children,” McQuade said. “We hope that this prosecution will discourage others from taking money that is intended to benefit students.”
According to the superseding indictment, Associates for Learning contracted with Stephen Hill, the former Executive Director of the Risk Management Department at DPS, to facilitate a wellness program for DPS employees, despite the lack of any bidding process or a written contract, in violation of DPS policies. The original proposal was for $150,000 for a six month pilot program. However, in 2005 and 2006 Associates for Learning submitted three inflated, fraudulent invoices to DPS, each for approximately $1 million, which DPS paid by electronic wire transfers. As part of the conspiracy, Hill was paid five percent cash kickbacks by members of Associates For Learning. Washington was also convicted of money laundering in an attempt to conceal the kickbacks.
Seven others charged in this case have all pleaded guilty for their roles in the conspiracy to commit program fraud by submitting fraudulent invoices to DPS for services and thereafter participating in making kickbacks to Hill. Those include Gwendolyn Washington, Marilyn White, and Sally Jo Bond, who were business partners of Sherry Washington’s; Duane Polk, Valerie Polk, Thomas Ray Taylor, and Stephen Hill The original indictment, returned on April 18, 2010, had also named former DPS Risk Management executive Christina Polk-Osumah, who died of natural causes on September 2, 2010.
Sentencings for the defendants are set for July and August.
The case was investigated by special agents of the FBI and IRS with the cooperation of Detroit Public Schools, Office of Inspector General. The case is being investigated and prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney J. Michael Buckley of the Public Corruption Unit.

Michele Bachmann Supports Lesbians

Michele Bachmann signed the Susan B. Anthony List??????

If Susan B. Anthony was a lesbian,

and Michele has a strong aversion to lesbians,

then, Michele Bachmann supports lesbians.

Hmmmmmmmmm..........  any takers on this argument?

Bachmann reveals miscarriage to explain abortion stance

By Andy Dunaway, AP
GOP presidential candidate GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann revealed she once had a "devastating" miscarriage, which ultimately helped shape her views on abortion.

The Minnesota congresswoman disclosed the miscarriage Wednesday night at a town hall meeting in South Carolina, according to CNN and Politico, in response to a question about abortion.

"After our second was born, we became pregnant with a third baby," Bachmann said, referring to her husband, Marcus. "It was an unexpected baby, but of course we were delighted to have this child. The child was coming along and we ended up losing our child. And it was devastating to both of us, as you can imagine if any of you have lost a child."

Bachmann said the experience "changed us forever," leading her and her husband to help raise 23 foster children along with five biological children. She frequently discusses her children on the campaign trail, such as when she introduced herself to the nation during the first GOP presidential debate in New Hampshire.

"We made a commitment that no matter how many children were brought into our life, we would receive them because we are committed to life," Bachmann told the South Carolina audience.

Bachmann recently signed an anti-abortion pledge by the Susan B. Anthony List, which states that candidates will appoint judges and Cabinet officials who are against abortion, sign legislation banning abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy, and cut off taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood.

The pledge was also signed by GOP presidential hopefuls Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul. Bachmann criticized rival Mitt Romney for not signing the pledge.

Romney, who once supported abortion rights but now does not, has said the pledge would have unintended consequences.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Former Fulton County Department of Family and Children Services Employee Pleads Guilty in Gwinnett County Following Guilty Plea in Fulton County

Former Fulton County Department of Family and Children Services Employee Pleads Guilty in Gwinnett County Following Guilty Plea in Fulton County

Valeriy Molokandov pled guilty on June 16, 2011, in Gwinnett County Superior Court to Fraud in Obtaining Public Assistance Benefits (O.C.G.A. § 49-4-15) before Judge R. Timothy Hamilton.
Molokandov was indicted for using his position as a Family Independence Case Manager with the Multi-County Refugee Resettlement Unit of the Fulton County Department of Family and Children Services to assist a number offamily members and friends with fraudulently obtaining food stamps for which they were not eligible. The indictment charges that Molokandov aided in falsely acquiring over $12,000.00 in benefits. He has since been terminated from his position.
Molokandov was sentenced to five years, serving one year of house arrest and four years of probation. He has been ordered to pay restitution in the amount of 12,596.00. Molokandov also pled guilty to Medicaid Fraud (O.C.G.A. § 49-4-146.1(b)) in Fulton County on June 3, 2011. His co-defendant, Rena Molokandova, pled guilty last month in Gwinnett County to one count of Fraud in Obtaining Public Assistance (O.C.G.A. § 49-4-15) and one count of Conspiracy to Commit Fraud in Obtaining Public Assistance (O.C.G.A. § 16-4-8).
Assistant Attorney General Greg Lohmeier prosecuted Molokandov on behalf of the State of Georgia. The case was investigated by Ralph Harper, formerly with the Department of Community Health, David Nave, formerly with the Department of Human Resources, and Jim Rees of the Georgia Department of Human Services. 

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Theresa Martin Fights For Her Kids, Pro Se Style

When one represents themselves in a court of law, the chances of a successful outcome is quite gloomy.  Take the exact same court filings and put a P number on it, you can bet your bottom dollar that it will fly.

I have done this exact investigation but for the sake of respect, all I will say is that it is true.

There is no place in the U.S. Constitution which states that a private organization has authority over the courts.  This is the American Bar Association and you must pay homage (dues) to belong.

The courts need to recognize and respect the pro se litigant as they are, in many instances, much more versed in law than the average attorney.

All in all, it just goes to show you, the poor have no rights and get no justice...but not for long.  There may be an increase in poverty rates, but most are highly sophisticated and technologically savvy.  Instead of viewing people who cannot afford things such as the luxuries of legal representation as lazy sloths sucking on the system, or even "socialists", why not look at them as next generation of philosophers.

You go girl!  You rock!

09-3590 Initial Brief

The Sheeple of North America

The God Of Child Welfare Reform - Baby LK Report For June 26th 2011

Baby LK recaps the week in news for the child protection industry.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Detroit's Head Start program in peril

I wonder if Shanetta Coleman got a lawyer yet.

Detroit's Head Start program in peril

The Detroit agency being investigated by the FBI following Free Press reports of misspending and mismanagement is placing the city's preschool Head Start program at risk by failing to pay rent to classroom providers and allowing federal violations to persist.

Head Start providers worry that they may have to shut down their programs that serve about 7,000 low-income children in Detroit. They said the beleaguered Human Services Department, which receives $47.8 million a year in federal grants to administer the programs, hasn't paid June rent to at least eight Head Start agencies -- which the mayor's office has acknowledged. Head Start officials say their phone calls to the department have not been returned.

"If the money isn't there, then the organization can't function, which means Head Start will stop serving kids," said Janet Windemuth, a Head Start volunteer and Wayne State University instructor who specializes in urban education of early childhood. "We have no idea what's going on with the city."

The city may give up the program. City Councilwoman JoAnn Watson and Wayne County Commissioner Kevin McNamara, who serves on the county's Head Start Board, said the city has floated a plan to transfer its Head Start money to Wayne County.

Spokesman Dan Lijana said the mayor's office is aware of no such plan.

Head Start program abuses go unchecked for years

The Detroit Human Services Department has mismanaged the childhood development program Head Start for years with few consequences from the agencies and officials responsible for oversight.

During the past three years, local and federal auditors have warned of serious problems with the department's handling of more than $45 million annually in federal money provided for Head Start.

The problems range from excessive salaries to missing money.

Despite a law that requires federal intervention of troubled Head Start programs, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families has continued to allow Detroit to handle the money that helps educate about 7,000 children and finds jobs and assistance for their parents.

"Everyone is turning a blind eye to very serious problems within the city," Detroit Head Start volunteer Julie Dearing said. "Who is looking out for the children whose families are poor? This is a travesty."

The federal agency didn't return calls for comment.

Lax oversight

The city also continues to operate the Southeast Children and Family Development Head Start in Detroit without a federally required board of directors, which is responsible for overseeing programs and finances.

By contrast, Wayne County's nationally recognized Head Start program has a very active board of directors, said board member and county Commissioner Kevin McNamara.

"This board is very serious," McNamara said. "We get the services out on time and monitor the program very closely every month."

Wayne County disburses $23.8 million a year to Head Start agencies in 29 communities and has seven employees working on funding and organizing the programs.

A federal audit last year criticized Detroit for its Head Start payroll of $3.3 million, which includes the salaries and benefits of more than 17 city workers. Five of those employees earned more than $100,000 a year, payroll records show.

It's unclear how long Mayor Dave Bing's administration has been aware of problems at city Head Start programs, but providers said complaints to his office have gone virtually unanswered for two years.

Bing knows of the troubles now.

An investigation of the Human Services Department, sparked by the Free Press' disclosure of furniture purchases made with money meant for the city's needy people, has evolved to include the agency's handling of Head Start, said mayoral spokesman Dan Lijana. "It's a comprehensive investigation," he said.

Director suspended

So far, the investigation that began internally has resulted in the suspensions of department Director Shenetta Coleman and several employees, and now involves the FBI and Detroit Police.

All of the suspended employees were in charge of handling Head Start money.

Three employees in the Human Services Department said the FBI was reviewing Head Start records and interviewing workers about the program.

Greg Murray, vice president of the Senior Accountants, Analysts and Appraisers Association, which represents Head Start employees, said he was booted from a meeting with the mayor's office last year after leveling allegations of mismanagement and misspending.

Murray and Head Start volunteers said the investigation has brought to a halt the department's role with childhood education.

So far, at least eight program providers for Head Start haven't received rent this month, prompting concerns of closures and worries about whether the city will make payroll later this month.

Murray questions whether the city is purposely sabotaging the program to get rid of it.

"They are putting Head Start at risk because of the financial pressures they create," Murray said. "They are starving the city of resources, and no one is responding to concerns we have."

Bing called for an investigation of the Human Services Department in May following a Free Press report that showed the agency spent more than $200,000 in federal grants intended to feed and clothe struggling Detroiters on furniture for its offices.

Head Start advocates emphasized that problems with the programs are rare. "All Head Start programs must exercise diligence in their role as stewards of the scarce federal resources," said Robin Bozek, executive director for the Michigan Head Start Association. Her group, she said, has tough standards that "serve as a platform for quality early education and family services in Michigan."

The Michigan Head Start Association has no authority over Detroit's programs.

Brighton man accused of sexually abusing kids in Haiti

Brighton man accused of sexually abusing kids in Haiti

Oralandar Brand-Williams/ The Detroit News

Detroit —A Brighton man who operates a residential school for poor children and orphans has been indicted on charges of sex tourism.
Authorities say Matthew Andrew Carter, 66, forced boys at his Morning Star Center school in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, to engage in sexual conduct in exchange for money, gifts or continued care at the school.
The self-described missionary, who authorities say also goes by at least three other names, was arrested May 8 and is in custody in Miami on a charge of traveling to Haiti from the United States to engage in sex with minors from the mid-1990s until April.
He was indicted by a grand jury in May and an overriding indictment was filed Thursday that adds three more charges. He faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted.
"This defendant preyed on innocent Haitian children living in severely depressed conditions, making his conduct particularly deplorable," said U.S. Attorney Wilfredo Ferrer in a statement Friday. "Rather than using Morning Star as he promised — to administer aid and provide sanctuary to needy children — he used the center to manipulate, abuse and sexually exploit them."
The investigation into Carter's alleged crimes was conducted as part of Operation Predator, a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement crackdown on human traffickers and international sex tourists.
Court documents indicate 14 boys live full-time at the school and three others live there on the weekends. Some were sent by families; others are orphans.
"For years, he sexually abused poor and orphaned children who depended upon him for food and shelter — all under the guise of doing noble work," said John Morton, director of the immigration and customs agency.
Bertha Wiles, a close friend of Carter's, said she doesn't believe the allegations.
"He's a missionary. He loves the Lord a lot (and) I believe he's being set up," said Wiles, whose Brighton home Carter lives in when he comes to town.
Wiles, 70, says she and her husband, Temple, met Carter 15 years ago through church. She said Carter called her last week from jail to profess his innocence and to ask her to pray for him.
"He said, 'I pray this is going to come out in my favor,'" Wiles said. "He said they are trying to put a scandal on me."
Wiles said she "definitely believes" Carter, who came to visit her and her husband last month and brought four of his young male students to visit in January.
"This man would never do anything like that," Wiles said. "The good Lord is going to work it out according to his perfect will and plan in (Carter's) life."

The Child Cases

Even if the child does not die, parents are falsely accused of child abuse all the time and there is nothing you can do about it.

Watch the full episode. See more FRONTLINE.

When a child dies under suspicious circumstances, abuse is often suspected. That's what happened in the case of six-month-old Isis Vas, whose death was deemed "a clear-cut and classic" case of child abuse, sending a man named Ernie Lopez to prison for 60 years. But now a Texas judge has moved to overturn Lopez's conviction, and new questions are being asked about the quality of expert testimony in this and many other similar cases. In this joint investigation with ProPublica and NPR, FRONTLINE correspondent A.C. Thompson unearths more than 20 child death cases in which people were jailed on medical evidence -- involving abuse, assault and "shaken-baby syndrome" -- that was later found unreliable or flat-out wrong. Are death investigators being properly trained for child cases? The Child Cases is the first of three magazine segments airing June 28 at 9 p.m. (check local listings).

Read more:

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Ruth Pollack, Esq. Testimony New York Senate Judiciary Committee

This is so true.  Judges and public officials should disclose all affiliations with banks, insurance companies, pension investments and any other personal business relationship.

New York Federal Courts accused of complete destruction of records, evidence and extensive tampering of ECF Docket

Yes, this happens all too often.

I, too, have been privileged to a Federal Court Docket being wiped clean, fake court cases, prosecution without charges, false court records, not being allowed to confront my accusers, not being allowed to cross examine, not being allowed to speak in court, hell, 90% of the case files have been removed from the clerk's office.

Then, there are no attorneys who are willing to take on court corruption cases in fear of being disbarred and the average person could not afford the basic filing fees.

Package all this up with the fact that individuals have little to no chance in a court representing themselves and you have the makings of a broken justice system.

No one will do anything about it except for a few brave souls.  Welcome to my mission.

NY. Federal Courts accused of complete destruction of records, evidence and extensive tampering of ECF Docket

by governmentrico on June 24, 2011


In a landmark case and petition to the Highest Court in America – a question is asked . . .

What happens to a country when the Courts and Judges become corrupt and ignore the law?

What happens when leading scholars refer to Circuit Court decisions as “Shenanigans”?

What happens to a country when its citizens can no longer trust or take recourse with the Courts?

What happens when Justice becomes an illusion and the Courts and Judges are destroying records and tampering with evidence?

Below are excerpts from a PETITION FOR A WRIT OF CERTIORARI to the SUPREME COURT showing how broken the system is.

Petitioners believe that the extreme nature of the documentary evidence provided in the Appendix herein provides a casebook study, if not a microcosm of the ongoing destruction of the fabric of this nation’s judicial system as the final arbiter of the rights of the citizenry and all those who come to the courts for preservation of its most sacred constitutional rights. We believe that the malfeasance in this case is by no means isolated. We surmise that it is the worst example of the total deprivation of due process seen in the history of American courts.

Petitioners and their counsel promptly reported the docket tampering and file destruction in writing, certified mail to the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern and Southern Districts of New York, the Chief Clerks of the Eastern District of New York and Second Circuit, the magistrate and judge assigned to the case, all defendants and defense counsel, the Nassau County District Attorney, the New York State Comptroller and Attorney General, and the New York State and federal Grievance Committees, the New York State Judiciary Committee, the FBI, the United States Senate and House Judiciary Committees, PACER, Inc., the United States Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, and the United States Office of Court Records (OCR), for mandated action pursuant to 28 U.S.C. §§ 1734 and 1735, to no avail.

In late 1776, New York attorney John Jay reminded the people of New York that “you and all men are created free, and . . . it is therefore . . . the duty of every man, to oppose and repel all those, by whatever name or title distinguished, who prostitute the powers of Government to destroy the happiness and freedom of the people over whom they may be appointed to rule.” Hershkowitz and Klein, ed., Courts and Law in Early New York, Selected Essays 100 (National University Publications, KenniKat Press 1978).

Justice Scalia recently reminded us that “the principal purpose of this Court’s jurisdiction is to clarify the law.” Caperton v. Massey Coal Co., Inc.556 U.S. 1, 17, 129 S. Ct. 2252, 2274 (2009). This Court’s central mission has always been to preserve the integrity of the judicial system and society’s reliance on the system.


Ask any American who has been to Court lately.

You’re better off going to Vegas than taking a chance on actually getting Justice in the Courts


If you agree the American Judicial system is broken, please write in. 

Ruth Pollack SCOTUS Petition for Certiorari on 2nd Circuit Court Fraud

Conyers, Congressional Progressive Caucus, and ProgressiveCongress.Org to Host SPEAKOUT for Good Jobs Town Hall in Detroit-- Monday

Conyers, Congressional Progressive Caucus, and ProgressiveCongress.Org to Host SPEAKOUT for Good Jobs Town Hall in Detroit-- Monday
(WASHINGTON)--- Next Monday, June 27, 2011, Rep. John Conyers, Jr. (D-Mich.) will join the Congressional Progressive Caucus and ProgressiveCongress.Org to host “SPEAKOUT for Good Jobs Now” at the historic King Solomon Baptist Church in Detroit. 

While the debate in Washington is all about deficit reduction, Americans outside Washington want to hear about the creation of good jobs. It is time for Congress to get the message.

We need a plan to put people to work and action to make the economy work for the Middle Class once more. That will only happen if the voices of America’s working families are heard in a Washington dominated by entrenched corporate interests and big money politics.

It’s time for Congress to listen to the challenges the middle class faces in rebuilding the American Dream. Deficit reduction cannot come at the expense of good jobs and hope for the future. Now more than ever, Americans are struggling to make ends meet while CEOs are being rewarded for shipping American jobs overseas.

On Monday, at 6:00 p.m., Congressman Conyers, other members of Congress, and workers will start a conversation in Detroit as part of a nationwide summer tour to promote good jobs and rebuild the American Dream.

WHAT:           Detroit, Michigan Speakout for Good Jobs Now! --part of nationwide Summer Jobs Tour

WHO:             Rep. John Conyers (D-MI)
                        Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), Congressional Progressive Caucus Co-Chair
                        Rep. Hansen Clarke (D-MI)

WHERE:         Historic King Solomon Baptist Church 6100 14th Street, Detroit, MI 48208

WHEN:           Monday, June 27, 2011 6-8 p.m.

Find more information at:

TSA head: Airport screeners must avoid pat-downs of children

TSA head: Airport screeners must avoid pat-downs of children

Video of the April 5 pat-down incident was posted on YouTube.
Video of the April 5 pat-down incident was posted on YouTube.
  • The policy change is announced at a Senate committee meeting
  • Screeners must avoid pat-downs of children 10 and under
  • Outrage over the pat-down of a 6-year-old sparks the change
(CNN) -- The Transportation Security Administration is changing its policy on how screeners can search children, the agency's head has said.
TSA Administrator John Pistole announced the change at a Wednesday meeting of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee.
The change was prompted by outrage over a video-recorded pat-down of a 6-year-old airline passenger at the New Orleans airport on April 5. The video, which was posted on YouTube, shows the girl protesting at first to the search, although she complies quietly while it is under way.
Pistole explained to committee members that a female security screener performed a pat-down search on the 6-year-old girl because the child had moved while passing through an airport body imaging machine. That prevented the device from getting a clear reading that the child was not carrying any banned objects through airport security.
"We have changed the policy to say that there'll be repeated efforts made to resolve that without a pat-down," Pistole told committee members.
Should TSA change screening for kids?
April: TSA pats down 6-year-old
Reasons why you might get a pat-down
The new policy will apply to children 10 years old or younger, Pistole said.
The incident renewed debate over the the TSA's security practices, especially their use on such low-risk passengers as young children. A backlash against passenger pat-downs -- an alternative to full-body scans in some locations -- swelled during the holiday travel season last year. Pistole maintained at the time that the agency walks a fine line between privacy concerns and public safety.
However, during the committee meeting, U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, grilled Pistole for erring thoughtlessly too far on the side of safety.
"This isn't to say we don't believe in safety procedures," Paul said. "But I think I feel less safe when we're doing these invasive exams on a 6-year-old. It makes me think that you're clueless, that you think she's going to attack our country, and that you're not doing your research on the people who would attack our country."
Pistole suggested a pat-down of a child is not entirely unjustified.
"Unfortunately, we know that terrorists around the world have used children as suicide bombers," Pistole replied.

COPS Cyber-Bullying Webinar

COPS Oriented Policing Services Banner - building Relationships, Solving Problems

Cyber-Bullying Webinar - July 29, 2011Cyber-Bullying Webinar

Date: Friday, July 29, 2011
Time: 2:00PM - 3:00PM Eastern Time
Description: The use of technology is quickly becoming the primary means of bullying and harassment, particularly among adolescents. Text and picture messaging through cell phones and instant messaging via the Internet have led to an explosion in bullying, harassment and other exploitive behaviors on-line. The immediacy and relative anonymity of the Internet creates an illusion of safety for the perpetrator and no safe haven for the victim, while increasing the overall likelihood of impulsive and inappropriate sharing of words and images.
During this COPS sponsored webinar, Andrew Yeager and Lieutenant Joe Rampolla will:
  • Detail the current trends in cyber-bullying, harassment and victimization, particularly as they relate to adolescent development
  • Explore how the blending of technology and adolescent development creates a potent and dangerous combination, leading to excessive risk-taking and the inability to control impulses and foresee consequences
  • Discuss intervention strategies for law enforcement, school officials, parents, and students.
Andrew Yeager is a New Jersey state certified School Psychologist and Student Assistance Coordinator. His television appearances include CBS, NBC, FOX. and PBS.
Lieutenant Joseph Rampolla has been a law enforcement officer for sixteen years. He has taught all levels of law enforcement for the National Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. To register visit